Kijyo Koyo Ascension and Skills

Information from Appmedia and Kazemai
Lv 80 Berserker: MAX ATK: 9177, MAX HP: 11250
Similar stats to Tamamo Cat, low ATK and high HP


  • QABBB, S.T B Noble Phantasm
  • Q-3, A-3, B-3, E-5 hits
  • NP Gain: 0.85
  • Star Gen: 4.9


  • Madness Enhancement A: Increase own Buster Card performance by 10%
  • Magic Resistance C: Increase own debuff resistance by 15%


  • Increase own defense by (20-30%) 3 turns, Increase crit star gather rate by (3000-5000%) 1 turn. 7-5 CD
  • Increase own Quick/Buster Card performance by (20-30%) 3 turns, targetable buff that increase the NP OC level by 1 of an ally that has a S.T NP (1 time, 3 turns). 8-6 CD
  • Recover party’s HP (1000-2000), removes 1 debuff from party, grants party instant-death resistance 3 turns. 8-6 CD


  • 5 Hits, Buster ST
  • Increase own ATK by (20-40%) scales with OC
  • Inflicts burn on self (500 damage) 3 turns)

That second skill is wild. Only edison had that effect on a servant skill before.

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Kama has it too.



Yes. Has a demerit of 1k Max HP, but shorter CD and doesn’t have to be ST.

And heals herself

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I never thougth that i would write something like this but i like that dinosaur lady

There’s a new member to the targetable Overcharge skill team. I’m gonna have fun with this later.


Kama and Edison’s are arguably better. Kama’s heals her 4K and Edison’s boosts 2 OC levels

Plus both can be used on Nitocris for more ID reliability

More sources of NP OC up are nice but this skill is really nothing to write home about.

Just what did we do to deserve this?

You know what you did :fgo_ereshmentarymydear:

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Cant tell whether you are excited or horrified :fgo_judge: probably both


The usual buster damage-scaling from 600% to 1000% between NP1 and NP5 applies, I take?

I’ve got to say, I do like her NP/2nd and 3rd ascensions’ VO quite a bit - more so than the T-rex , original as it is.

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What are you talking about exactly?

Are we sure the NP has to be ST to work?

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I got her but i can’t read japanese and i needed rare prisms​:broken_heart::sob:

…are you (no offence) dum :fgo_badciv:, burning a servant for a worthless rare prisem!

Pretty cool skills. Overcharge is a fun mechanic and with that first skill it looks like she’d do well with a star burst on the first turn so she can get her defense up right away while still using the second effect.
If I get her I’d definitely toss an ailment-cure CC on one of her cards, as a berserker she doesn’t need any self-induced debuffs lowering her health more, even if by just a small amount.

I already saw the ascensions and animations, I prefer 2nd ascension personally. More variety of animations and you still get the dino form showing up in the NP. Third form looks Kiyo levels of crazy, so that’s why I prefer second.

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:pensive: I just want the Accel/Zero order Mystic Code. And i didn’t know she turns into hot lady

That mistic code isn’t worth burn any servant, but we can change the past, just remember this simple advice “never burn a servant till is at NP 5” and what is worst you burn a limited servant :fgo_circereally:, but you can’t do nothing now so don’t care now


Noted. I just want Voyager tho