Kijyo Koyo Ascension and Skills

Burn golden servants for rare prisms still a waist but you do you

Well, it can be argued in like… one case very easily such as NP2+ Stheno, but yeah it’s a waste. Particularly since not only Kijyo Limited, Brand isn’t even very good.

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She’s Limited? I could understand Fujino since she’s not exactly from Fate, but Requiem is a Fate series, what are they doing limiting her? Is Voyager limited too?

Are servants from a collab so is the usual, the only collabs that have give non limited servants had been Zero (exept Iskandar), Apoc, and case filles(giving just one that is Luvia)


Well, I guess there’s still a chance of future banners like how some of the summer servants jumped into somewhat related summon banners over on JP.

Both are Limited.

And yeah as @terranort_asashin said it’s unfortunately not too out of the norm.

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For collab events such thing only happened with limited SSR getting banners outside of respective collab event, with SR - no such luck, which is why Fujino is considered one of the rarest Servants

Hopefully they’re a bit more lenient on Kijyo Koyo since she’s a Fate character and give her some more banners. At least if/when they do another collab to introduce more Requiem servants/characters.

Nzambi is pretty interesting, and seeing the Flying Dutchman in FGO would be cool.


Miyu is a Fate lass and look at her.

TBH I’m mostly bitter she got such a short end of the stick, and I don’t even especially like her.

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She’s still an original character made up for the story, not an actual character from history/mythology.
Let me hope, this is a pretty interesting character design and it’d be a shame for her to be super rare.

Moment of self-reflection: I’m wanting a Japanese company to make a character from their own cultural background to be more available due to it being such a unique concept we don’t see very often out of the characters in the game so far, I think Kiyo is the only other Yokai. Kinda ironic.

Not that it matters much to Fate…
Though, come to think of it - we did have one case of limited collab SR getting extra banners - Lip, so maybe really not all is lost for her :fgo_judge:

As for Dino Priestess… I’ve seen her compared to Ibaraki, except modern, and I see where that’s coming from. Decent steroids, ‘semi-support’ capabilities (party Charisma, ally NP OC+1/3 turns and 2K heal/heal 1 debuff/IK immunity for 3T), but both ultimately being points.

I am… roughly inclined to agree with this tbh? Subsequently, I find her kind of underwhelming after fully considering what she’s got. But hey, she’s a goddamn dinosaur, so! And she could be markedly worse.

Will still be seeing how things shake out. I at first didn’t understand LAlter’s (mechanical) draw, and was persuaded in time with her for example.


Well I can assume this event will get a rerun and like most collabs after 2 years so I won’t be as crazy to np5 her like I did Fujino and plan to do for miyu

cant speak for suzuka or diarmud

but luvia was perma just cause they wanted her on the atlantis banner and story but didnt wanna release more new servants during that period for some reason?

tho with most perma servants being involved in the story in some form
this just means

suzuka and diarmud will appear evantually in the main story
just means kijo kiyo wont

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What’s even better than getting Kijyo Koyo just because you like her?

Getting her in order to enable Arash with death immune and NP overcharge. :fgo_moriartysmile:

Now I have another reason to try to get her.