Kindred Ties luck

How’s everyone’s summons on the sequel banner?

For me, it was insane. Took 6 singles to get Peony, then three got me a (dupe) Victor. Nineteen singles later, got Chrom.

Got no other 5* summons. At least my tenfold vouchers are safe.


I got 4 five star dragons, 2 Peony’s, a Xander and a Chrom. Didn’t even use all my tickets either.

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Just waiting for the Tiki focus since she’s who I’m wanting the most. I want to pull but I don’t want to waste on Peony and only get Chrom this event

I consumed all my reservoir Wyrmties, now I’m at 0 Wyrmites but 0 Peony and 0 Chrom.

It really is hard to save Wyrmites in higher levels 100+ ish. :frowning:

Took 3 single tickets for Peony and 3 tenfolds for Chrom.

Since I was lucky, I’ve got plenty wyrmite (over 50k), so I should be able to get Tiki when the banner releases!

Yikes! Hopefully your luck turns around.

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I give up, I’m skipping this Banner and Part 2. Gala Banner is next month if I’m not mistaken.

You’re dead to me. I got duped and bad 5* dragons. I just hope I have better luck with Tiki

9600 Wyrmite and I got Tiki! Immediately built her up and maxed her MC.

Then made an attempt for Peony and-

Thanks Mr Lost for the sub-12k summon luck


Sadly, Tiki refuses to come home. I had 19 tenfolds worth of wyrmite, gone.


So, who DID I get?

(yes, I know she’s a 4*)

Not shown: dupes.

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I got Chrom, Peony and Tiki pretty easily. That makes up for my shitty luck on the Monster Hunter banner I guess.

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I’ll just wait for the re-run next year. HAHAHAHA. So far my Light Team can manage mid-game content.

So, after tenfolds kept cheating me out of Tiki, I decided to try to build up the rate with the single vouchers.

After a Nefaria dupe came by, Tiki finally arrived.

Safe to say that I won’t be doing serious gacha summoning for a while. DL stash needs to rebuild, and FEH has a banner coming up that does not interest me.