King Hassan Challenge Quest

Just as a heads up, Hassan’s Discernment does not target the left most servant. It seems to target at random. I’ve watched about a dozen clears from the JP version and he always targeted the left servant in those. Not sure why this was changed for NA, but it definitely has been.

Oh boy, that sounds rough…

This makes the quest so much harder. His death rate up means that his NP will basically always kill anyone except BB or Gramps, even through invincibility. Also his crits are insane. He can OHKO Merlin.
I think that we might be locked into Irisviel, or some kind of insane rushdown strategy.

Also of note, I don’t know if this is 100% true, but I’ve only seen him use his decapitation skill on the middle enemy, never the right one.

Wait, his Taunt is different?

Yeah, it’s randomised.

Time to test it.

On JP it would always target the left most, now it’s random on NA.

I’ve seen mostly the middle myself, but not all.

Ah, ok then. Must be weird RNG on my part.

It is always the left most on the Taiwanese and Chinese servers as well.

Yeah this is ridiculously hard lol I haven’t even come close to breaking his first bar, guess I won’t be able to clear all the CQ’s

I think, ladies and gentlemen, we just got our very own hard mode for NA!

Such fun! Couldn’t happen to a more predictable fight, ho ho ho. …


Mostly found the middle for me too. When he started targeting the merlin I was getting pissed.

He barely targets the left side it seems or so
Welp time to rearrange my team

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That’s all just RNG, there’s no clear pattern for now.

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??? A: What can we do to make the global server more challenging to counter Clairvoyance EX?

??? B: I know! Let’s mix up the targeting gimmicks of one of the CQs!:fgo_bbgrin:


The taunt application seems very arbitrary and some turns he doesn’t do it at all. I’ll keep testing to see if there is anything in particular that breaks his scripting, but it may be that it’s just “fuck you bring iri” now.

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For whom does the Evening Bell Toll? Looks like we are up for trouble… And Aniplex just make it double trouble…


I think buff stacking (the 7-turn Sanzang link) is the way to go atm

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He mostly targeted my left servant, especially early in the quest, but eventually it seemed to be random. It’s possible there is some sort of trigger for it.

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I tried it 8 times and the randomness still makes it extremely difficult. One attempt he just killed my Waver on turn 2 with crits lol.