Kingprotea the Hard Way?

So who here has done the KP CQ the 2,000,000 damage way? Stall’s not so bad; I did that last time around, presumably can do it again.

(Didn’t see a recent topic, and even search didn’t give an old one – which I’m kind of surprised for. I’ll delete if someone knows where one is.)

The video linked on the Gamepress guide has an MLB Versus – yeah +100% against Divine would come in real handy but I don’t have that, so. I have basically the other ingredients but given that Versus essentially doubles base damage output, and my own NP2 L100 Heracles seems to be hitting 1mil and then a couple of 250K crits at best with Black Grail, I can’t see how it can be replaced.


I tried but no Versus makes it extremely expensive.

I lack MLB Black Grail so even my NP3 Kintoki with Double Merlin + Medb couldn’t KO.


I have seen a video of fondant AA, double merlin with 1 bond CE, a chen gong with bond CE, NPBB chain was enough to one turn 2M hp


I used super BG AA, Chen, two Merlin’s. Mana loading is heat


Np level on aa? I got fondue and merlin and ox demon king in place of bomd CEs… But np1…

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1, but it might be a maxed fondant though. His atk is at 15669


My Fondue is maxed :fgo_medealove:

Oh… So it’s not the np doing the kill, it’s the buster crits that follow, I think I might try this, thanks!


I am going to level mine a bit to try this. My lvl 100AA is at 15550ish, and I only recently got my merlin and gong bond CE


I’ll have to take a friend bond merlin and hope that the 5% less buster on ox demon is okay for gong (mine is bond 3…) But kp was dead before the extra attack card, so there’s definitely some buffer


You know, I’ve never used Chen Gong - I don’t like his character, and I’m hesitant about raising him just for a single CQ. But gosh, that’s a lot of Buster Crit for a Berserker.

If I just plopped a Command Seal on him for the NP, I wonder how well double x/x/10 CG would do supporting Heracles, with an additional Merlin for Buster boost. I don’t have Merlin’s Bond CE either, nor is my Black Grail MLB, but I could drop Ox-Demon King on him.


Why borrow a 2nd gong instead of a 2nd merlin though? You would be missing out 20% atk too


I don’t like chen either, but he’s cheap enough to raise and there’s more than 1 CQ he’s been helpful for


Oh… that’s the same boost Merlin gives. Ugh, I’m an idiot.

Okay. So I can already get double Merlin. I just tried one CG + 2xMerlin and it got me to 158k. Chen had Ox-Demon King rather than a starbomb CE, and the crit was pretty fat; maybe I should replace ODK with starbomb. If I had gotten a crit on that other Buster I think I would have made it! Unfortunately, that’s one try per day, and I need my Command Seals back (long story).

Lot of RNG here though. I used BNPB since the Buster without stars had Da Vinci on it, which I hope isn’t strictly necessary for the run. I guess we’ll find out at regen tomorrow.

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I did the same. The Super BG was probably overkill, I’m guessing Aerial Drive or something similar would be enough.

Super BG is a helluva drug.


Yeah when I dealt over 2 million with just Jalterzerker NP + super BG on turn 28 IIRC no facecards required I was like really? Could have ended it sooner, but I lost track of turns just spamming the NPs of Merlin, Tamamo, and Mashu.

NP5 Mama, 2K/2K, full-paws on both buster cards, engraved with The Great Fool of Owari (30% crit against Divine) and Chains of Heaven (20% damage against Divine,) level 100 Golden Sumo, two 10/10/10 Bond CE Merlins and an X/9/9 Chiron w/ level 10 plugsuit.


I think someone did a Kama DSS last year…but dunno. I don’t even remember how I did it.

I only remember smiling at H.C. being placed outside the massacre cuz a certain villain didn’t want her favourite author corrupted in any way. What a cute/crazy tsundere she really is. Let’s see if I can get both versions of her this year.

Super Orion should be able to solo her right? I’ll try it later.

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Have fun failing.