Kirby Mafia [R1] Signups

I may be a little early, but it’s about the 1-year anniversary of the Persona Mafia.
It was my attempt at making a round of Mafia, but it fell through in a few days. There wasn’t a big controversy or anything. It just took a while to get enough players, most of them didn’t read the rules or stopped playing almost immediately, and it fizzled out over…let me check…uh.
The span of 2 days. I’m not kidding. I wish I was.
I convinced myself it lasted between 5-7 days before I actually checked. I wish I said that and didn’t bother to check.
This in an experiment to see if this will be a continuing trend and if I should just give up, and also an experiment with certain game mechanics such as Action Points and a way to create an order to Night Phase actions.
You have all been chosen as candidates for the position of “Administrator” of our company.
…What company, you ask? The Haltmann Works Company, it’s a miracle you haven’t heard of it, considering…present matters.

However…There are more candidates than there are positions. Therefore, I will conduct an interview.
This might not be a…traditional interview.
Accessing Haltmann Works Company database.

If you choose to accept the interview, you will be taken into a simulation, created by yours truly. You will receive a private message asking you to log into your Robobook account, but it’s simply a quirk of commercial Haltmann Quest headsets, I will log you in automatically. You will then be asked to choose 3 lifeforms you wish to use as a vessel. Don’t be shy about it, I have data on most lifeforms in the universe.
You will then be placed into teams according to the algorithm and take your form as your vessel, possibly working as a team with the other candidates as the Town, possibly working against them as the Mafia, or possibly setting out to accomplish your goals as a third team. This is based on the social deduction game Mafia, created in the year YEAR_UNKNOWN-ahem, pardon the error-in Shiver Star. Your goal is to eliminate your opponents and stay alive. The most successful candidates will be made administrators.

Only 1 of each type of vessel can exist at a time, which is why you cannot select 3 of my estimated popular vessels (see below) at once, as I have calculated that 93.34% of lists will be Kirby, Meta Knight, and King Dedede otherwise.

You can also choose to base your chosen vessel off a certain time period: If you choose Kabula, the simulation will assume you want to play as Super Star Ultra Kabula, the modern Kabula design, but you can specify Kabula (Planet Robobot) and instead become personified as Core Kabula. Or, if you’re insane enough, you can technically go for Kabula from the original Kirby’s Dream Land, the boring one. Also, you probably have much more interesting choices than Kabula. Please don’t pick Kabula.

Rules (Please read, even if you are experienced with Mafia.)

There are 3 teams. Town, Mafia, and a third team. You pick a character and are randomly assigned a team. Characters do not correlate to which team is chosen (Just because you said you wanted to be Marx doesn’t mean you’re Mafia.) However, you are given a nickname based on your character, such as Laughing Rainbow (Marx’s wings are rainbow, and he has an eerie laugh).
You have 2 Passive abilities, which are always active, 3 Skills, which can be activated before/during Night Phase, and HP, which varies per character, at most 9-10, but that’s rare. The order actions are taken is based on when your actions were received, but please don’t let that stress you out or feel pressured.
Passives always apply. Skills have a set Priority, 1, 2, or 3. While the order actions are taken in does matter, if you use a skill with a high priority after someone else uses a skill with low priority on you, the high priority skill is chronologically moved right before the low priority skill that affected you. Most skills are Priority 1. However, there is a trend with skill priorities, being that defensive of supportive skills usually have higher priority.
Skills also have an Action Point Value: You can do as many actions as you want as long as they fit within your Action Points. For example, you have 2 action points and a skill that costs 1 action points and 2 action points. During Night Phase, you can use the former skill twice or the second skill once if you want. If you do not use any Action Points, you will have 1 extra Action Point in the next phase.
There is a Day phase and a Night phase. In Day phase, the many goings-on of life can be discussed in the yet-to-be-made Day Thread. (This will be made the Sunday after 21 players are reached and confirm their character.) In Night Phase, other players cannot post, either in the Day Phase thread or in the Night Phase thread, however, during the Night Phase or the Night Phase Prep seen in some Day Phases, in the DM containing your character information, you can confirm the actions you will take that night with your Skills. (Not submitting an action does not incur a penalty). On the next Day Phase, the story will be released from the Night Phase in the Night Phase Thread. This details actions that aren’t specifically mentioned to be hidden from players, usually accompanied by the character’s nickname.
Sunday: Day Phase (Story Released)
Monday: Day Phase
Tuesday: Day Phase (+Night Phase Prep)
Wednesday: Night Phase
Thursday: Day Phase (Story Released)
Friday: Day Phase (+Night Phase Prep)
Saturday: Night Phase
You are encouraged to take notes.
Players of the Town are not allowed to have private discussions with other Town players, the players in the Mafia have a DM with each of them in it, and dead players get their own DMs, the only place they can speak.


To reiterate, there are 3 teams. Town, Mafia, and a third team.
Town’s objective is to eliminate the Mafia.
Mafia’s objective is to eliminate the Town.
The third team’s objective is unknown. For this round, I’ll try to make it character-dependent (though I don’t exactly have a reasonable, in-character goal to give to Plugg, Mariel, or Kirby Character With Black Body And Yellow Eyes #34674. Actually, scratch that, Mariel’s goal is to murder everyone and everything.)

Popular Characters

Meta Knight
King DeDeDe
Bandana Dee
Galacta Knight

Banned Characters

Anime-only characters. I don’t dislike them or anything, I literally have not watched the anime.

Aeon Hero/Morpho Knight. Besides the lack of data regarding these forms of the Galactic Knight, Morpho Knight specifically being a theoretical in this timeline and most others, they are far too strong. Aeon Hero has 1/4 of the power of the god that created the universe, and Morpho Knight combines that with the power to rule over the process of life and death, as well as the souls of the dammed.

Star Dream. It would be unwise to expose my own inner workings. (star dream is too big and also ridiculously strong, while it’s physically weak its true destructive potential is even stronger than void termina, possibly being stronger than even void soul)

EX/DX/Soul characters. Parallel versions of characters are acceptable.

Mr. Dooter.

Characters from other universes that appeared in the series. You cannot play as Samus or a golden statue of Mario, not enough data has been collected on these anomalies. You can, however, play as a golden statue of a buff man.

The Butterfly. Its powers are not understood.

Player List
  1. @Everlasting99
  2. @Agayracer
  3. @Fresh_Tomatoes
  4. @RoyAhoy
  5. @Tohlward
  6. @E1337gard
  7. @Umbriel
  8. @Everlasting99
  9. @WormMeHarderDaddy
Waiting List

If a player leaves unexpectedly, the players in the Waiting List will be called upon to replace them. You will be placed here automatically if you try to sign up, but the Player List is full.


You are Parallel Kabula (DREAM_LAND). Why you thought this was a good idea is beyond me.
HP: 1
Action Points: 1
Skill 1:You’re not funny (Priority 1) (AP Cost: 3)
Deals 1 damage to self.
Skill 2: All you’r’e good for (Priority 1) (AP Cost: 3)
Protect someone else from all attacks until you die.
Skill 3: Sob violently (Priority 1) (AP Cost: 3)
You sob violently, as no one loves you. This does nothing.
Passive 1: Please stop dude you’re creeping me out (Priority 0)
Attempting to guard other players with skills will always fail, because you scare the other player.
Passive 2: Critical engine failure (Priority 0)
At the start of the night, if you choose to take an action, you take 1 damage and you suffer the Burning status, which makes you take 1 damage every night. If you do not choose to take an action, you take 1 damage and you suffer the Burning status, which makes you take 1 damage every night.
Passive 3: Eternal Dammation (Priority 0) (note:normal characters have 2 passives)
Upon death, you will not be allowed access to the Heaven Private Messages and instead will suffer alone in the Hell private messages.

The Haltmann Works Company is not liable for any problems you might experience induced from being trapped in a simulation, such as seizures, strokes, issues with pre-existing health conditions, etc. Please consult your physician before choosing to enter the simulation. By entering the simulation, you consent to your data being collected and sold to VERY LEGITIMATE businesses for NOT low prices. Microtransactions can be used in the game to buy Gem Apples, to buy Crystals, to buy rare gear or characters.


ignore my pfp


banned characters

Mr. Dooter



do i add you to the list or something


I’m too occupied for the coming days so I’ll probs not be able to play :fgo_ishtaridgaf:


i expect it’d take a while to gather participants
persona mafia signups started like 2 weeks before the game lmao
but if you want i can put you on the waiting list meanwhile




Persona mafia happened?


a year ago
it died very fast when it started






@FutabaBestGirl I’ll sign up


I’ll participate, me thinks

if you would like


Just get all of other games in here :catroll:


I’ll sign up too


me too

stan futaba


just read you didnt watch the anime and you totally should its iconic (although I was a kid when I watched it so I dont know how it holds up)


i heard the japanese version is good and the english version is good in its own right because it’s hilariously bad
i also have vauge memories of spanish meta knight


always english

you gotta here ddd in all his glory

and the theme


Count me in too !
Even if college might start soon, I would regret missing a Kirby mafia hosted by you lol