Kiritsugu vs Hundred Faced Hassan / Other assassins

Got new gold servants in my skadi attempts, Kiritsugu and Enkidu among others. I have leveled HF Hassan as my assassin ST DPS and wondering if an NP1 Kiritsugu would be a better choice for overall gameplay.

I also have a level 50 NP2 Shinjuku Assassin which I refuse to use until his upgrade. Also have a Izo but sadly only NP1. If I have gotten 5 copies of Izo, I wouldn’t have to create this thread.

If it helps to know, I have a Waver, Cas Gil, Osakabehime, Ryoma among others as supports. Thanks.

Assuming your HF Hassan is NP5, then she should outdamage him, at least for multiple NPs since his Arts buff is 1 turn.

However, Kiritsugu does have some neat features HF Hassan doesn’t (just like how she has her own unique features) so if the situation requires it you might want to use him instead, those features are targetable taunt, ignore invincible, and his NP decreasing enemy charge and ignoring defense.

Yeah, at NP1 Okada Izou is likely outclassed, but at least you have another chance on the rerun!

Since we’re on the topic of ST Arts Assassins, Serenity trades some offense for more debuffs, notably poison damage over time, NP charge reduction, and if the debuffs land, then NP/Skill Seal on her NP. Her debuff success rate third skill improves the chances if used for her NP, bringing the 40% chance up to 90% chance at max.

So if you don’t have any other notable assassins, then those are your main choices in the silver/gold range. I guess Jing Ke counts, but she’s more about burst damage, so probably not the best pick overall.

In the lower range, Cursed Arm is great for crit teams but lacks an NP upgrade to be a good ST option, Sanson is good against Evil targets, and Sasaki is getting his NP upgrade right now, so he can hit hard, but is fragile. And of course, all three of these could use more stats to be more effective.

So HF Hassan is likely still your best choice for overall effectiveness, but some of the others have situations where they can shine, otherwise just wait for more NP levels/more assassins.

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It’s funny how you skipped more like avoided talking about shinjuku assassin even though I mentioned him to be NP2 level 50 :rofl::rofl:

I get it though. Same same but different. The more the merrier. With the current assassins, it’s kinda hard to pick 1 to be the main ST DPS for every battle. It’s not like Jacks and Grampss grow on trees

I got a kiritsugu too this banner. I’ve actually been looking forward to him spooking me after reading threads like the one below

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Nice! Now to farm even more proofs, dusts and bones :sweat_smile:

Oh… Right… Good thing I farmed ~300 bones during hunting quests, and have ~200 proofs on hand since I haven’t skilled up any super proof hungry servants for a while. Dust is fortunately ascension only, so not many. He might wipe out my stock of homuculous babies though…

Unfortunately, I am not as well off. My Musashi’s stuck at 8/7/5, Karna 1/8/7, Vlad at 10/7/5, Fran at 1/1/5, CasGil at 4/7/9 among others. Didn’t even bother to count how much I was lacking and now I’m convinced to use and upgrade a new servant’s skills. Lotto can’t come soon enough.

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Kiritsugu isn’t as good of a looper as Hundred Face Hassan, but he offers a lot of more utility.

Kiritsugu has a upgraded Noble Phantasm that ignores defense and decreases charge, has a targetable taunt and is a good star generator. He isn’t gonna replace her but he plays very well with her since, at max skill level, her evade and his taunt share a cooldown of 5.

Caster Gilgamesh is a great support for him, offering charisma, stsr gen and Arts Up + debuff success up.

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Oh hey, haven’t really thought it that way. But isn’t it a waste of slot where another support could be?

Well, you did say that you refuse to use him until his upgrade, so I figured there’s not much point in me making a case for him. He is fun in crit teams if he has class advantage, but other than that he’s fragile and doesn’t offer much outside of teams with similar star weight.