Kiss - Marry - Kill! FEH Edition


Lain is very dumb, plz be gentle

he is a very soft boi


What do you want me to change it to?


why do i have a feeling like @Impulse is gonna scold us ;^;


Do you want to be scolded


;^; no


Just summon the birb you get birb protection, he’ll protect you from everything



impulse is scary with that face ;^; don’t hurt me plz

@Lain HELP



when you’re scared of a animu picture

Hold on there, mystic creature called Impulse!
I, Sir Lain from the land of Alm, will defeat you and save the grill in distress.
Lets fight so our epic battle will be told about in every bedtime story and be sung in a ballad!


@Impulse i think Lain wants to fight lmao

birb up


What’s there to fight about
I’m just smiling


he likes to fight just go with it, his weak spot is his love for alm


Kiss Sumia
Marry Ethlyn
Kill Deirdre



Kiss Cordelia
Marry Catria
Kill Tana



You are treading some very dangerous waters.


Ha, easy.

I kiss them both.
I marry both.
And I’m killing myself.


no don’t


I am sad that you would do that but you forgot to put in new options.
I got you covered tho:



hOw sHoUlD I pUt iN nEw oPtIoNs wHeN i’M dEaD!?


ur not ded shuddup