Knights of Marine vs other Quick CEs

Now that Skadi is here and Quick is worth the investment, what are the alternatives?

I have ZERO copies of Imaginary Around.

My Best MLB CEs for Quick are:

  • Midsummer Moment (15% Quick+15%, 4 Stars each turn)
  • Innocent Maiden (NP 5% per turn+12% Quick)
  • Imperial Capital Grail War (15% Buster, 15% Quick, NP Gain 15%)
  • Wolves of Mibu (10% Buster, 10% Quick, 4 Stars each turn)
  • Twilight Memory (Evade 1 time, Quick 10%)

Obviously RNG has been fairly kind to me, but better options exist.

I checked all the wikis and stuff.

Is Knights of Marine the best all-around Quick CE since it includes starting NP? Did I miss one coming up soon? Even at base you get 50%. Archuria is expensive to raise and I’m pretty sure I’ll keep rolling like a dumbass to get NP2 if I roll her trying to get this CE. Most of the best CEs seem to be Arts or Buster.

This one won’t show up for a while, but I’d say it’s the best overall Quick CE implemented to date. Until then, Knights of Marines is a strong option.

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The best damage CE is black grail MLB or not.

There is also one summer CE. You get it from the CCC rerun event. It is Quick +50% np and all hp in stats making it pretty weak but supposedly mlb (which you will probably do as it is a shop CE) it will be more damage than a non-mlb KoM until around CE lvl 50 for SSR servants.

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This was one of the closest equivalents I remember seeing, but I’ve never seen it show up on my friend list, so it made me wonder if I was overestimating the value. Didn’t it come out last Christmas?

As I said it’s not coming out for a while, it’s currently JP only.

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I’ve been lucky enough to have 2 Black Grails (keeping them separate until I have enough for MLB) and Heaven’s Feel.

I’m looking specifically for SR and SSR Quick boosts because there are still a few holes in my team and I don’t like the idea of putting a Black Grail on every Quick servant.

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That is unfortunate. I looked ahead again and Shvibzik Snow from Holy Samba Night might be exactly along the lines of what I’m after.

FWIW, the demerit on BG is mostly a non-issue, especially considering that Quick teams are typically built for speedy completion (not to mention that using BG signals that you are planning to deal a lot of damage upfront).

If outright farming, the starting NP gauge CEs win the day, so you’re covered for damned near anything with those options.


Unfortunately that’s a split stat CE, which makes it kind of gross :frowning:

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One of the most interesting things about this game is all the different ways we can accomplish the same goals with different resources.

For BG, I’ve found that roughly half the time, I get the worst draws and my Quick servants get KOed by a crit attack. I know that’s a standard risk, but a lot of them are geared toward launching an immediate strike, as you said. Leading with an evade or something limits you because some of the premier ST NP servants have crit attack or quick attack boost tied directly to their evade (Jack and Okita come to mind). If you don’t get the right hand, it’s wasted.

Why are you hurting my soul?

To save you further pain when you come to the same conclusion independently :wink:

Side note: the ideal situation with BG is to have enough NP charge support ready that you can kick off rapidly. With Servants like Jack and Okita, it shouldn’t take long to get a favorable hand to help you launch another NP.

Generally I prefer to pair BG with Servants who have high native NP charge; otherwise I pull out the plugsuit and throw NP charge support at them to force the desired result.


I’d blame DW more than Gou.

They just seem scared to make good CEs for card types other than Buster. If only there were arts and quick versions of Arial Drive.


Any quick boosts from ce’s are pretty much negligible due to how much double Skadis boosts them already. The best ce’s for DSS are ce’s that boost np damage, np gain, or attack in general.


At some point my lazy ass needs to work through some numbers on this. My gut tells me you are correct but godammit I have 2(2!) MLB KoM and it sure would be nice to put them to work.


Read this.


But yeah for your purposes it goes

BG (60% NP Up is ridiculously good, IMO combine your two as well)
Rest, in varying degrees, as illustrated above


I think @homu was working on some dss calcs that utilize KoM to loop rather than kscope… Yeah, here it is

So you can look through this and try to put your KoM to work