KnK Spawn rate CEs

So, do I get this right? The spawn rate CEs give you +25% each but only +50% MLB? So generally speaking, unless you get 2 drops, you’ll end up needing to run with 4 most of the time, leaving you with just 2 slots for bonus drops? Or don’t we want to hit 100% this time?

I thought the last time we had an event like this it was much nicer on you to MLB those.

That’s right; 50% MLB and there are like 4 appearance rate-up CEs!

Sometimes, you might want both kinds of rate-up such as Appartment Ghost + Living Corpses; in which case, you can use 2 Ghost CEs + 1 MLB Ghost CE + 2 Corpses CEs + 1 MLB CE for Corpses from Support.

Super annoying that mlb is only 50%. So glad I have them mlb from the original run, plus some extras from drops, but it’s still 3 slots for spawn unless I get support mlb and forgo drop CE’s.

This is why I didn’t go hardcore on the gacha. Normally some extra drop CEs are nice to have, but spawn bonus not only adds event drops but also chance for ascension mat drops.

Yeah, MLB your own + borrow a friend’s MLB. The walkthrough assumes you do that in the later stages.

The problem with that is that will almost certainly mean zero bonus for the currencies, or maybe at most +1 for the bronze if I get lucky in the FP gacha.

That’s fine.

It’ll only take ~1 week to finish the event on natural AP following the walkthrough.

Mission events tend to better about not forcing you to roll for CEs anyway