Knoll... Just Knoll

Heyyyyy I just noticed that out of all gen 5 units that I added as merge projects Knoll has been summoned the most, I have enough copies to put him to +6 and with this month’s codes is another one
I had him at +1 one since the free ones they gave

But the thing is, how I make him different from my other boys Morgan and Pelleas??? One is a fast debuffer mage and the other is a fast mage with decent bulk?

Easily, make him a res focused mage

I just added more spd so he doesn’t get doubled
But for now I’m quite confused to what to do with him, soon we will see


My personal suggestion would be to completely forget the Spd stat and just focus on his Atk and Res, then adding something like QR to make follow-ups.


Mirror Stance 3 would work best imo. Keeps specials from breaking his bulk


I don’t want to put you off but out of the most recent F2P options Knoll is the ‘weakest’ imo (Sorry I did not find a milder word)

Miranda outclasses him. Erk is the fastest and Aelfric and Pelleas have the higher ATK and BST.

If it’s a favourite go for it, but just giving you my own opinion!

The only difference is that both Aelfric and Pelleas are GHB, while Erk doesn’t have nearly as much Res.

He’d still get doubled often since 41 spd is slow,I’d either go all in on spd (high 50’s or low 60’s) or atk/res.

Can try this ! (it gives him decent mix bulk and almost a guaranteed iceberg)

aren’t you merging F M Morgan

About Morgan no because he just appeared in some summons but currently no I don’t