Kojirou vs Jing Ke vs Cursed Arm vs Hundred Faces

All of them are in tier 3, and they’re the highest tier assassins in the 1-3 star list. Which one is the best Assassin for being the main damage against bosses?

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For damage you want HFH since they’ve got rainbow steroids, a heal, a dodge, and NP Gen up. It’s a simply synergistic kit on top of the Arts res down helping them spam their NP against a single target.

Jean Kay is good for burst, but not much else. Burst-y skills, no charge (not that any of them have a charge, but it sure would help her a la Bedivere), no sustain, crap internals. She can deal more damage than HFH at least, by ~10K, where deleting a boss goes. Generally though if you’ve trained up HFH you can ignore her.

Kojirouu is the superior DD vs CAH while CAH is the superior survivor. So, of the two, in between his consistent stargen+pull and crit amp, he’s your bronze choice for boss-killing with CAH as a back-up.

Overall HFH -> Jing Ke -> Kojirou -> CAH for the purposes of killing Rider bosses, although they’re all worth ultimately investing in anyways.


hundred faces np hit really hard and can heal itself. Honestly if i got her before serenity or jekyll probably would even grail her since shes fun to use and interesting

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Jing ke is the hardest hitting of all the assassins you listed and in my opinion the best option for boss killing in the early part of the game.

Also be aware that we will be getting shiki, a free st arts welfare 4 star assassin, in early 2020. She is better than all of them.


If you got Mecha-Liz from the last event you could use her instead since she’ll do more damage and Merlin synergy ofc

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Honestly thought that people do not appreciate Hassan of the Hundred Personas much but looking at the answers, I’m satisfied.

Hassan of the Hundred Personas is a good civ. They’re like toned down Archer Arturia with RNG reliance. Then you have the rest to back her up or she could even act as the secondary DPS to support those Assassins first with slightly poor survivability.

And don’t forget shiki’s coming back soon.

But before I got shiki I preferred kojirou over jing ke (both playstyle and husbando reasons). Didn’t consider cah, don’t like design, and other hassans weren’t released yet. I’m considering leveling hf now though because folks say she’s fun and assassin is probably my least diverse lineup.

There is only one superstar here.

The man.

The myth.

The regend.

But seriously though, just wait for Shiki.


All of them are pretty much the same value honestly. Nice thing about Kojiro is that he does the same thing for lower investment. Hundred Faces synergizes well with other arts servants, especially other arts assassins, paving the way for them to deal increased damage since she applies an arts-resistance-down debuff.