Kronya Build?

Is this a good build?
She attacks 3 times if speed is greater than theirs and they attack once. If they do counterattack she has noontime/Sol to back her up.



I… don’t think you understand how this works

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You attack and she attacks 2 times on enemy phase

Sorry bad phrasing

I understand this part because of her Spd being higher than most units (at least in this build). However, her not having CC means physical units can dent her badly, and if they have DC, kill her when she tries to retaliate the following turn.

What exactly are you trying to do with this build?


Am I the only one going to question QR3 with 51 Spd?

To double with watersweep which says she can’t double

Watersweep only prevents doubles on PP.

On enemy phase, you can still double an enemy.

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Watersweep is PP, QR is EP so it wouldn’t work together

No, actually she won’t triple attack as you think, probably you thought that by beating the speed check + [Quick Riposte 3] activation she’d get three attacks, sadly it’s not like that & the seal is best given to slower units.

I’ll tag @NickofTime80 since they have great Kronya to give you input :+1:

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Also… if you want a Kronya build here’s what mine looks like, tho most people go for Special Spiral or Null C.Disrupt… but I don’t have them so went will something different for now until then

Everyone and their mothers use Close Counter to take her weapon effect to the best effect, Savage Blow to help with chipping damage to help deal more dame to units in range of it, and Fierce Stance for massive damage on EP after chipping the foes hp, the Special can really be what ever, but a short charge special is most ideal especially if running Special Spiral, Assist is entirely what ever you want it to be… my goto is Repo for pretty much everyone since I have so much of it and rally’s aren’t really needed when I have L.zura


@Makina where you at bro?

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Hello. As everyone has said, watersweep isn’t as effective as you’d hope on Kronya. It only stops mages and dragons from counterattacking but she can’t double anymore on PP.

Mines uses double savage blow + Null C-Disrupt for AR though I would like special spiral for more consistent special nuking. As for other skills, the Lull skills are good for her or use Poison strike 3 + double savage blow to try to chip down all the nearby enemies while leaving your for alive so you can destroy easier on EP

I have one thing to add for Kronya builders; her partners. Aversa and F!Takumi are great F2P partners for Kronya.

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No Virion with his refine… poor boi got a refine perfect for him too

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Even thougb I do have Kronya, she’s not Fully built and I have yet to give her any premium skills sadly :elisad:

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No matters,your kronya is the best

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It’s an iffy build, it’s better to just kill the opponent outright than just try to survive, I see the purpose for this build but it’s iffy.

She works with any B-skill tbh, her best special being premium skills, special spiral for 2 cooldown specials like moonbow or ruptured sky, Null C-disrupt so healers or firesweep units won’t be a problem.

For budget, desperation works fine since she might need the double to kill some enemies, Dull close/range since enemies can get pretty bulky with buffs and dull skills bypass that, or any chill skills.

But in the end, the build us pretty unique, not my cup of tea but if it works for you then I won’t pry into it.