Kronya + Fatal Smoke

Anyone tried this? I used Kronya faithfully in Astra for the better part of a year. Yes she is maxed (+10, +10df, Close Counter, Special Spiral, double Savage). Admittedly since we are now in the Def Meta, it’s way harder for her to get kills (ie Edelbeast), but before that it was more of an issue of healing towers and whatnot.

I’m debating bringing her back into the fold for certain maps thanks to her incredibly unique Vantage style, but wondering if anyone has actually given her fatal smoke, and if they can attest to her usage. I think she has glimmer and probably needs to swap to moonbow these days, but that’s a side note.

Fully invested Kronya + Fatal Smoke worth it?


I think @NickofTime80 uses her with that set


@TMFM Thanks for the tag.

This is my Astra season build for her.

With Reginn, Plumeria and preferably Altina for the extra attack, she hits hard and has a lot of HP in case she needs to take a hit.

I’m sad I had to sacrifice one L!Sigurd but Fatal Smoke improved Kronya’s matchups significantly.

No longer do I need to fear healing towers if she can spread it to all her enemies.

Some of my matchups with Fatal Smoke Kronya

Great against B!Claude and if she has Miracle charged up, she can weaken F!Edelgard for H!Hector to finish off.

Only problem is Fatal Smoke is attached to some amazing units I’d rather build. I still have a +1 L!Sigurd so if you have spares of him, Duo Lif or S!Freyja, give it to her.

Just gotta watch out for Far Save users and Hardy Bearing users like Seiros and L!Lilina.

Besides Bolt Tower, do you have anyone else for splash damage? Like refined F!Takumi or H!Hector?

If you can Disarm Trap for her, it helps even better testing traps.


Summer Freyja has fatal smoke too btw so, she’s also a possible option.

Edit: actually she’s the one with it on the summer banner not Caeda, Caeda has panic smoke


Possibly, you trade off 7 true dmg w/ double stacked savage blow, but now you don’t have to worry as much about healing towers. Healers are still a problem through since they all pretty much run dazzling staff. I’ve been running null-C instead with good results, although I need a more true dmg support (F. Takumi, Gharnef, and bolt tower) to make sure I kill.
I’ve been thinking something similar… although I’m instead partnering her up with Leila to help out.

Leila serve

Vantage, set, match


Great breakdown thanks! Yeah, the biggest problem is the few who I have with fatal smoke are good good to fodder. But she looks amazing with it.

Surprised you don’t have glimmer/moonbow with Spiral? Have you tried that build? I’ve always been hesitant to do the miracle instead.

Also these days disarm trap is actually almost necessary, but it hurts not having spiral. I used to enjoy watching like 5 units attack her at once and get annihilated with vantage, but it is harder to do with trap placement.

To answer your question, I used H Hector all the time for her, but duo hindering has been an issue. I was so looking forward to F Takumi’s refine but they screwed him over hard. I prefer 10 damage turn 3 instead of 7 damage turn 2 and 3, especially with heron healing and the like. It’s rare IS takes a step backwards on refines (like Nowi still having +1 CD and a weak MT, or in this case F Takumi), but the few times they do that its bitten me hard. I digress.

Disarm trap and miracle is a completely different school of thought for me I would have to consider. But if she is going to be on the map with F Edelgard, it does seem like it would have to be necessary.

But I’ll tell you what. If I had to rank my most used (main carry) AR users ever, I think she would be #2 (behind Bike and just in front of B Hector. So not bad company).


Oops. I mixed the two up. :feh_sigurdfacepalm:

S!Freyja is also pretty amazing too so not an easy choice to fodder her along with the others but Kronya can be quite fatal with Fatal Smoke 3.


Here is hoping for a 3H Hall of Forms Kronya… but then hoping I can get my hands on fatal smoke lol. Especially since I always preferred her neutral and never gave her fruit (it made her HP like 61 or something… 1 point above the then panic tower threshold)


I do have Special Spiral 3 + Moonbow build for her but in AR, I’d much rather use Disarm Trap since people can be their traps in the trickiest of places.

With Atk Tactic 3 and Plumeria’s Flower of Pletny buff along with the Def debuffs, she still gets the job done but Miracle has saved me not just against F!Edelgard (multiple times against F!Edelgard) but against L!Sigurd, Duofonse, Seiros and some Hardy Bearing units I can’t reach. It is situational I agree and a special might be better most of the time.

I’d like to give some flowers and +Atk but she seems fine as she is. She’s solid at neutral.

As for the Duo Hindrance, I plan ahead to see if Kronya can snipe any Duos or the structure. Double dancers like Reyson and his extra movement helps me reach them easier. If she can’t and the Bolt tower isn’t available, I switch strategies.

She’s probably my number 1 answer to Astra season with Seliph and Micaiah close behind. Only against cavlines and save balls (with Duma blowing Bolt Tower) does she struggle.

It is possible she could be a Hall of Forms pick in January I hear. So good luck if she is.

Imagine how great her refine will be in 2023