Kronya Team adv w/ Resplendent Ike opinion

Hello everyone

I am working on a Kronya team. I needed a good dagger unit and I love her Althame/Savage blow synergy with vantage weapon, etc.

Here is my Kronya. Very typical.

Any ideas? I’ve got a lot of good units like Bike, Blucina, Lazura, etc. I usually run Bike, Blucina, Lif, and Lazura for my srsbiz runs. When I wanna chill I use other units like FCorrin, Lchrom, even my head over heals Lysithea with +atk.

Also, hows everyone enjoying Resplendent Ike? I like Ikes but he is difficult in this Generation/Year imo. I’m still trying to figure out Aether raids and optimal strats haha




I put a ring on it and maxed his DFs :relieved:


You know,I keep thinking about it because I feel it fits with his new design :

A build with Ike which centers around the special Blue Flame. Ike could pull it off pretty well, I’d say.

You don’t have to do it though ; I’m just sayin’. :feh_ikestare:


Interesting. I like his builds that allow him to combat close and ranged units and sustain with aether, just like his other counterparts. However, with Altina around the corner, I’m making her my go to Sword unit since she will fit perfectly with my atk tactic Lazura team.

Bike, Blucina, Altina, and Lazura.


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Your current Kronya build is good but unmerged I’d recommend double savage blow for her now. The more damage she spreads is the easier she can sweep in EP reliably.

Here’s mine own right now;

Astra is rough and Kronya helps a lot blessed by Altina (for extra Atk) and Naga (Useless Def but with the extra hp makes Kronya somewhat bulky). If you can, try lull spd/def for her. It works really well for her.

If I didn’t hate FEH Pass atm, I’d be enjoying him very much. He looks amazing and the extra stats helps him a lot but his competition is fierce nowadays. Hopefully he gets a solid refine with his great resplendent art.

and then you see my crappy Kronya build xd

If he gets a refine I probably will whether or not it works on him just because he’s a unit I really like and I have him at +10

So it’d be fun to see how he could play in different styles


I’ll definitely be very interested in what you’ll come up with when that day happens.

It’s only a matter of time.


Kronya appreciates support like Brave Lucina & Legendary Azura. Another option would be a magic user to nuke the Def tanks that Kronya will have a hard time with. :thinking:

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I have no intention of ever building any Ike, so I manualed him.

I always pair my Kronya up with Aversa because I gave her my SB seal and Aversa’s Night and Athame like an enemy with lower hp but that gives you 2 red units on your team and I’m not sure how you feel about that

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