Kroos the Keen Glint / Pramanix Synergy

Hi! I was reading through the analysis page for Kroos the Keen Glint and I noticed that they mentioned her damage was quite poor overall against high-DEF units, especially with her S2. I tested it out, and while this is absolutely true, I also noticed that if you combine her S2 with Pramanix’s S2, even against high-DEF units, she can absolutely tear through their HP bar.

That’s true for most units, to be fair, but I’ve genuinely never seen most of my other Snipers pull off that much burst damage in such a short time, even with Pramanix’s support, and the stun Kroos inflicts is pretty useful too.

Now granted, this is just on a random Invitation to Wine stage where she more or less matches the recommended level, so I have no idea if this also holds true in more challenging content, but I feel like if it does hold true, it bears mention that she works very well with DEF-reducing units.

So yeah! Curious what other people think about this, so feel free to reply!
(Edited because I somehow managed to misspell Pramanix every single time I mentioned her.)


To make a fair comparison, you’d have to use those other Snipers and Kroos against the same enemy so that you can better see the difference.

Not to say that Kroos is bad, but unfortunately her S2 suffers from having no ATK increase on it so she is much more reliant on that DEF debuff from debuffers to hurt high DEF enemies. Asides from the DEF debuff, she also relies on her Talent proccing to increase her damage.

Many other AA Snipers have ATK increasing buffs on their skills. Meanwhile, Kroos’s Talent lets her deal an additional +60% ATK but only 20% of the time. So her damage is RNG-reliant but can potentially outdamage other AA Snipers on a good day.

And s you already mentioned, DEF debuffs benefit pretty much all Ops that rely on physical damage. So tested on the same enemy, and assuming the Ops all have the same ATK, they all more or less benefit equally with only the ATK buffs from their respective Talents and Skills determining who deals more damage in the end.

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Someone correct me if i’m wrong here.
Sorry it’s not going to be short and most of the time its approximation.

assumptions Kroos E2 S2M3, the ennemi have 0 armor def:
attack -37.5% aspd —>0.625 s
requirement to activate the x4 hits
0.62516=10 secondes(total 32 hits), after 10 secondes she will have hitx4 for 20s
20/0.625= 32 attacks exactly with x4 hits
so in 30 secondes she will hits
32(first requirement)+32
4(20 secondes of attack x4 hits)
32*5=160 hits
with her talent:
20% of 160% damage and its’s apply only to attacks not hits
number of attacks= 16+32=48 we can hope at least 8 times it is activated within the 30s
so yeah within 30 secondes it’s deadly

On the orther hand
Ash within 4 secondes of stun(the ennemi is not stun immune) she will deal better damage to armored units, she will attack 20 times with 260% damage and after 11 attacks with normal damage(less than 2seconds)
approxitaly 71x her attack in term of damage

Exusiai :
within 15 seconds attacks -0.22 % aspd she will attack 19 times with x5 hits, at least 96 hits but in reality she has her talents (aspd +15, attck +6% and her damage is 110% per hits) so in short shs has more than 96 hits or damage like(lets say 10+15+6 % approximately 125x her damage i will say )

I can imagine within 30 secondes Kroos is better than this two, but there is the duration of the skill.

30s for kroos(can she survive 30 s against a boss?), 15 seconds for exusiai , 6 seconds max for Ash and while kroos il still finishing her skill the other two gain sp to relaunch their skills or finished the target.

In term of dps exusisia activate her skill after 30s but with 15s of duration(1/3 of the time), kroos is a little slower(1/2 of the time), and ash sp cost is 25 (she can almost activate 2nd her skill while kroos finish hers) .

Kroos is not bad but won’t replace Ash or Exu in most of cases, i intend to E2 her but for her S1.

To finish about the def debuff, i prefer the Flat debuff most of the time (Meteorite’s S2(-330), Ifrit’s S2(-300) over the % def except for bosses really heavy armored guys).
And even for regular %def debuff i will use meteor because she has synergy with others snipers.
400-60%= 160 def , 400-300=100def

I hate to read and write my own response :cold_face: but i hope it will help.

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