Kuroneko pancake -summer 2022 Part 2 banner roll

I somehow couldn’t find a thread for summer 2022 banner 2 and so decided to just generated one instead for the love of Summer Abby.

Here’s my catalyst for the summoning:

And within 10 tickets and 90SQ. I hit my entire target for the banner XD. I was singing it as I roll :rofl:
notable rolls:

Hope good luck to all rolling on this banner.


My primary target is Murasaki though I want the other 2 as well, now I gotta wait 2 days cause the game knows what I want and has given me NP5 Abby and NP3 Tomoe. Damn you desire sensors, give me my favorite Caster!


So I know there wasn’t a thread already but just to adhere to the rules you should just drop a post here saying you claimed the thread. Just to try and avoid clutter and upset mods



I was also impatient and got NP2 Tomoe on 3 multis.

Thanks for the reminder!! This was my first time making a roll thread and so I just couldn’t contain the excitement. lol.

Just generated a claim post there. Hopefully, that’s what’s needed at the moment.


No worries just wanted to spare you the wrath of the dreaded mod post :cat:


Threw the last of my quartz with the hope of getting the Goth Librarian Milf. Got Abby the only one on the banner I didnt want. Abby also needs 15 Eggs and 15 Comet Shards per skill both of which I am out of. Cursed.

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Two eldrich baby and three tomoe in like 120 quartz or so I think

I wish I would have saved the later summons to get a murasaki


I wanted at least one copy each of Tomoe and Murasaki. Did three multis today. The first one just had some event CEs but two and three had some good stuff.

My fifth Prisma Cosmos, first 2030 and one Tomoe.

I’ll roll some more on Murasaki’s solo day. Until then, good luck everyone.


She has arrived! :fgo_tomoewoah:

Still got enough quartz to try for Murasaki and Abby in 2 days.


1k+sq for NP1 Summer Kiara but now all three back to back to back smh


complete disaster. 600 sq = np1 abby, np1 murasaki and one copy of yan qing. 2 sr in 20 rolls… and couldn’t even mlb 5* CEs


dreaded mod post

who am i kidding, I ain’t Flower


120 quartz for 1 abby and 1 murasaki. No tomoe but i will stop here. Kama is almost here after all.

120 quartz and 10 tickets on 2 banners for 2 SSR and 2 SR (plus a wu zetian), it was a really lucky summer.


Next time please go on to the thread first, usually I’d nuke the thread for not following procedure, but I don’t think someone else made a request and I’m half dead from work/practice I can’t bother doing anything right now

Next time tho no mercy


Also before I forget, premptive warning that I’ll keep an eye on this thread/ban anyone who’s saying gross pedo shit.

Sorry if it sounds like a random thing to say but after the prilliya roll thread, I feel the need to say that, especially since Abby’s wearing that.

Just act normal and you’ll be fine


I really want to roll for Tomoe, but the quartz I have left over from Kiara might be a decent shot at Kama, so she will have to wait :fgo_tomoefrustration:

Wrong-luck EX strikes again… She actually appeared in the first multi and then:

I just wanted one copy of each but I got that, Murasaki NP4, one Natsya spook and no Tomoe. Can’t complain too much because 5 SSRs in ~500 SQ it’s actually great but man…

Anyway, I’ll try again at Tomoe’s solo banner. Abby, please, stop.


I set out to get two each of Murasaki and Tomoe - and. Well. It worked?

Landed a loose copy of Abby as well, so that’s a full Summer 5 collection for me. Shame I don’t have anything to raise them all with after blowing all my embers and QP on Kiara and Paisen, but I suppose that just gives me a couple sinks for the next lotto.


Threw a few multis, got 1 Tomoe and 1 Abby.

Good enough for me. :)