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With the announcement of feh channel, L.eitri will be in the hero fest banner as the fire legendary unit. Now, i am conflicted of getting L.eitri or L.chrom for my fire or water legendary arena core team. Even though, L.eitri is 5 points higher than L.chrom, if L.chrom has a 300 sp B skill but L.chrom will appear in future remix banner, “To Change Fate” is a very powerful assist skill and i will have to risk going to L/M banner by any chance i did not +10 eitri.

I do not have any copies of them and 1600 orbs currently.

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To Change Fate is a 500 SP assist, the highest in the game and exclusive to the Chroms. Because he’s got the SP advantage both units tie for the same score.

IMO, Chrom will be better because of the remix, but Eitri is still a good choice. I plan on getting both to +10(Just got Eitri) and am hoping that it takes a bit until Chrom gets his since I’m now back to double digits of orbs.

We’ve also got at least 2 months until the next remix so that’s around 600+ orbs so long as you do everything. 2200 orbs could be enough to do both. Eitri will be easier however.


Oh ya, i forgot about that To Change Fate is 500 sp. I could be wrong though but doesn’t L.chrom will appear together with peony remix banner so i think L.chrom remix may be push to a later date unless they decide to put L.chrom in the remix banner twice?

It’s Thrasir and Peony unless I severely misunderstood the Feh Channel, which is very much possible… In that case I’ll be going broke as I’ll be attempting to +10 both Peony and Chrom off of orb bundles.

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According to the calendar thread Chrom is being rerun this month but isn’t being Remixed. They mentioned in the Feh Channel that two Remix banners are going to be run simultaneously from now on


Also probably should have mentioned this in addition to what I said a day ago, Eitri will cost you significantly less orbs to get, nearly half the usual amount. Got her to +10 myself and spent only about 550 orbs on 10 copies since I already had one(Bit luckier than usual I think) while Chrom will take quite a bit more.

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Well Eitri is the 2nd best Fire Legendary Right now (reegardless of being old - Veronica is #1). and really all eitri needs to pop is having atk/res oath 4 to pair with with her canto (4 4 turns etc).
correction. Vero is wind LOL. so the comparison is Female Lady Shez. who can be equally stupid

regardless of age Chrom can still be great in the most Toxic season of area (and he’ll be remixed down the road).

ultimately my question would be which are you in need more of -
heavy res hitter vs armour/flier smusher (with the assist).

and do you need a water vs. fire legendary?
honestly i would probably go w/Eitri because hero fest myself.

While you’re not wrong about Eitri being second best Fire legendary at this point, she’s second to F-Shez, not Veronica. Veronica is a Wind legendary.

thanks. clearly still waking up.

truthfully. (while Lady Shez is … well cray cray i dont know if i would put her 2nd to her. maybe 1A, 1B. to be fair don’t have Lady Shez, i really cant compare the two. though lady shez can be very scary


For now, i currently missing fire and water arena core team, my wind and somewhat earth seasons are done, since L.chrom is coming this month too, so i can only choose either one of them.
But i am thinking of getting L.chrom instead since, his remix is coming soon, also, dual effectiveness is quite useful since fliers and armours can still be seen in arena.

Are your numbers right? The summon simulator said 11 copies at the 50% is around 1010 orbs? 550 orbs would be right around 2% odds.

At 5%? Those numbers are wrong. From my knowledge to get a 5* exclusive to +10 at 3% it will normally take over 1k orbs, I’d guess closer to 1.2k. 5%, nearly double those odds, would be about half that. That is why I mentioned she’ll take nearly half the usual amount.

To get Chrom to +10 would take around 1k, but again I’d say you’d have to spend a few more orbs to get that.

Mmm, here are the numbers straight from the source

11 copies of Hero Fest green:

11 copies of standard banner green:

I neglected to turn off focus charges (clearly just added) so the numbers area actually slightly higher than this


As dumb as it sounds I still refuse to believe it. As someone who’s +10ed multiple units on their origin banner to hear that I’ve been very lucky on each and every one, even one i didn’t finish because the odds weren’t be good to be only to now be told that i was still lucky, seems extremely unlikely.

I will accept that I’ve been fairly lucky on Eitri, and with my own math that would suggest that, but that’s too many instances of being lucky previously. Especially after what can only be considered as absurdly lucky on this banner. No way in hell that’s the case even after giving some room of flexibility.

Believe whatever you want to believe. Probability is a whack ass thing

I believe how the summon simulator works is it runs thousands upon thousands of iterations of the scenario, far more than any one player could ever do. Heck, if you run it over and over your even get slightly different numbers. As such, its reasonable for one person to be consistently lucky (or unlucky… Someone here spent 3k Orbs trying to merge L-Corrin)

Even with something as simple as a coin flip, its possible (likely, even) to see far more of one side than the other until the numbers start getting really big.