L!Chrome's assist skill is better than you think

When I first read it, I thought L!Chrome, after using the assist skill and taking his turn, cannot be danced.

But nope, he can still be. So basically, L!Chrome can Reposition an Ally for free, then take his turn, and then be danced and take another turn.

If only his assist skill can be inherited, it would be a nightmare to deal with in AR.


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Uh… Doesn’t his Assist skill specifically say that he can’t be the target of Assist skills and whatnot? Is this a bug or something?


He uses his Assist and gets another action. After his Assist, he’s affected by Isolation, which lasts through his next action. He takes the extra action and Isolation goes away and he can be targeted by Assists.


No , he can be dance after he end his turn, but I can’t get stuff like healing , rally ECC.

But he can after his action I think. It’s a strange interaction for sure.

Nah, Isolation works like that. That’s why with Bridal Fjorm you want to target the refreshers themselves, because if you target the threat itself, they can move, remove Isolation, and then be refreshed.


Can the debuff of his assist be removed via a healer or harsh + ? If anyone could confirm :tipping_hand_man:

Edit: nvm , in the description as pointed out.

My understanding is that because he has ended a turn, he can then be danced. But this makes the description concerning the “cannot be danced” part obselete since he cannot be danced before taking a turn anyway.

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I get it. I think I was too focused on Refresher part rather than what the actual all around skill was.

It’s still weird though.

It says in isolation’s definition that he can not be the target of skills that neutralize penalties such as restore+ or harsh command+


Well, that’s the description of Isolation itself. It’s just that not all is relevant in his specific case.

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Yet, this is a skill that is exclusive to him…

But I get it. Just that the description had me convinced that he couldn’t be refreshed no matter what.

Right, it could be the case that after a unit attacks it causes isolation on itself at the end of it’s turn, causing it to not be able to be danced until next turn.

He’s definitely an amazing unit. I read what Akariss said and I was shocked. I think he’s really worth the investment, if someone wanted to go for that. Espeically in arena… 500 sp reposition with a rally/link built in is actually pretty awesome in of itself.

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Actually, if you use his Assist twice in one turn, I take it he ends his turn and still gets affected by Isolation, right? If that’s the case, it’s still relevant.

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It’s even more than that. Since he gets to reposition an ally for free, his reach is 4 spaces, and he is range, so his atk range is 6 spaces.

I know, I just mean the reposition link effect that can actually be run for scoring is already amazing… the fact that he gets another turn is even more stupid.

I really like that he doesn’t powercreep Lucina either, as she gets more spaces to attack due to how swap works.

Due to isolation, he cannot use assist skill twice.

So he would definitely have to take a turn, and so he can definitely be danced.

But if he were to be danced after using his Assist once after removing Isolation, he couldn’t be danced again if he used the Assist a second time, right?

He is really good… An infantry with 6 total range, which is higher than a ranged calvary (with range of 5), and he boosts himself after repositioning an ally AND his weapon ensures that he is not affected by panic. And counts 180 bst. He is seriously much better than people think.