L!Edelgard’s ideal S skill?

Here’s the build. I’ve considered basically every skill that stacks atk, def, and/or res, but I can’t decide on which one would work best. I really don’t want to run quick riposte bc I find the hp threshold to be limiting. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Edit: Since raging storm’s follow-ups are really conditional, I’d rather have BF’s consistent follow-ups and special acceleration over RS’s extra action.


Heavy Blade and keep Raging Storm in the B slot so she can have 3 actions a turn.

Otherwise for this build, she’d like a Stance since she needs more stats on EP.


Gotta recommend Heavy Blade for the consistent Galeforce procs, for sure.


If you’re not running Raging Storm you’re not running L!Edelgard


i know people have said it already but heavy blade + raging storm works better for galeforcing. this sort of build is basically what helps her stand out from other axe armors too.

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