L!Eliwood or Gunnthrá for SD-R?

New SD-R season, new bonus units, yet another stressful weekend.
No bonus mythic OP teleportation cow, and I don’t have L!F!Avatar#7, so I guess I gotta do with what I’ve got.

It’s either L!Redhaired blazing boy#2 or L!RIP but-not-really ice girl#1

Guess I’ll start testing some new teams on normal SD.
If for whatever reason you understand the struggle or feel sorry for us that take SD seriously, feel free to send help and ideas in the comments.


If you have the Valentian Palla & W!Bernadetta, you can probably abuse L!Eliwood.

You can probably abuse L!Eliwood too if you have a supertank that will be hard to down, but i wouldn’t count too much on that 'tho, cause you might get surprised by how much damage your oponent deal.

I don’t see Gunthra of much use in this map, Cav are really restricted there.
She can debuff stuff but that’s it.

Personally i’m gonna do without any legendary because it would nerf me too much (i don’t have L!F!Byleth or Valentian Palla either)

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You can also not play at all xD
I don’t think we should be playing something we don’t enjoy or cause us stress even if you are competitive or want the rewards.

It doesn’t feel like a game anymore , more like real life stressful work.


Not running any bonus unit could be an option, but Idk how confident I feel about that yet. I don’t have a very meta-heavy team so I’m doubtful I can do without some cushion.


I chose Eliwood and used him as bait with some success. I combined him with Nils to make the most out of his buffs which were directed at my AOE Yuri.
The problem with this team is that it completely lacks mobility which you are in dire need of on this horrible map. Especially the trees are pretty annoying.

I tried the “no bonus” strategy before but I lost immediately to another whale team so I just went with the bonus and got my extra attempt. Plus you don’t lose any lift that way.

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Cause hey, massive debuffing and Bonus Doubler is a pretty nasty combo!

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Yeah I think it’s for the best. The no bonus strategy as you call it is only for very strong teams that can secure easy wins. I don’t have that luxury and I don’t pretend to be the best player either.

I’ve been testing both Gunnthrá and L!Eliwood and I’ve come to like the blazing knight a bit more.
Right now my team includes V!Palla as melee, A!Fjorm as far save support and Reyson with Res and Spd Tactics for spectrum buffs and dancing.

It isn’t prefect still and I still lose very easy to certain matchups like AoE Yuri, L!Lilina and sweep melee like B!Alm and H!Karla, and many more. For instance I have no way of killing Fatalgard or B!Hector.

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What did you end up deciding on? I am leaning towards Eliwood but the chemistry of my team sucks right now, it’s like juggling chainsaws until I get this figured out

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Lol never mind your post beat mine by like a minute

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I have the exact same issue. I’ve been giving a couple units extra visible attack in the likes such as DF, sacred seals, fury on A and even changing my summoner supports.

V!Palla and A!Fjorm right now have the same attack so they always get the bonus doubler no matter what. Reyson I changed his IV to +Atk a couple months back (thankfully) and I gave him 3 DF and Fury 4+Atk/Spd Rein and he matches their attack at visible 59 with atk/spd 2 seal.

It’s a bit forcing it no doubt, but he actually killed a +10 B!Eirika on his PP once, thanks to bonus doubler, so I think it’s worth running. The only thing that’s bothersome is having to pay extra attention to his positioning so that he always transforms and get’s the +2 atk from his weapon.

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Wow… Idk how, but it actually worked.

I think that’s enough SD for me. I don’t plan on touching this thing again until SD-S.