L!Fae fodder

Hey again guys!
So I’ve been away from the game for a while on and off and mainly collecting orbs and not doing much of the content.
Was looking through my units and I do have a L!Fae I randomly got a while ago and her two fodders are nice and I’m trying to figure out if I want to use them or keep her for now.

I was debating distant stance on a few units- winter sothis, my Halloween Rhea, or OG Idunn/A!Idunn

That def/res menace she has is Hard to decide what to do with as well
I did have a def/res menace I have to my S!Freyr. Any other options? I do have a +8 Duessel that might enjoy it too

Thank you!


Def/Res menace grants an effective +6 Atk/Def/Res to a Draggin unit, so in most cases it’s alright, but not as potent as Atk/Res menace. That said, it still offers a 12 point swing for a Res checking skill like Draggin wall, so it has its uses.

Two of draggins you mentioned, H!Sothis and Rhea, won’t benefit from Ire since Sothis is fast enough to not need it and Rhea gets guaranteed and follow up denial already. And both Idunn’s benefit far more from fighter skills and saves so neither of them would get the most bang for your buck.

So, since Rhea comes with Wall, she’s probably your best choice. Give her DC and threaten Def or threaten Res first so you can give her both Distant Stance and the menace. That way, she’s getting an effective +17 Res towards her wall and becomes a menace (lol) at any range.



Yeah I wouldn’t be giving them ire.
Just the dc stance and menace skill.
Just can decide between +6 winter sothis with dragon wall or h!rhea.


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Forgot to mention, Sothis already has DC built in so you’d be wasting fodder on her too.

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with the menace and stance Duessel could be more unbreakable.
but you could also give it to any slow tank with decent defenses and good atk but no spd.

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IMO Atk Smoke 4 is the superior choice for Duessel

He feels tailor made for it, as he has the bulk to charge in for one combat and then has superior bulk (and follow up blocking!) compared to Def/Res Menace as he tanks the rest

It’s not bad but I always find Menaces without an Atk element to be awkward to utilize on many units, especially with these new Smokes we have


That is true, but is not bad if you dont have atk smoke 4.
def/res menace is mostly useful for dragons because of adaptive damage on ranged units without mystic boost or light and dark.

Wait winter sothis does not have DC. Only neutralized dragon effectiveness.

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That’s DC. So distant stance on her would only be giving her +5 Res on enemy phase.

jaajjaajjaaj geddit

dafuk. Her A skill is so redundant, then…

@Dragginz reading is hard, let me help :feh_claudetea:


Lol oh…

Yes, reading is hard. I’ve always known winter Sothis as bitch Sothis.

Ok, NVM… DS and menace would be ok on bitch Sothis especially if using her with DW and a breath seal as a super unit.