L!Liliana build question

So, here’s how it goes: I have a +ark -spd L!Liliana on my alt. Currently running her base kit but with lnd 3 in the A and seal.

I want something better for B, and I have a spare Guinevere lying around. (Guinevere on that account is +1, mostly to fix a bane, I guess). I could give her the push and the lul easily.
The push gives +2 more to atk/res, since I don’t have lnd4 fodder.

Seems like a good idea? I’m mostly only asking since she’s unmerged (perfect boon/bane though).

  • Yes fodder Guin
  • No keep for later/eventual merging

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But L!lina wants visible attack, so she’ll want LnD 3. I think windsweep may be better than a lull anyway?


Lilina has Atk/Res Solo 4 in her basekit, if I recall? You could call Push an upgrade over it, since the condition is a little more flexible in some ways, but it’s small enough that I’d be pretty hesitant to give up Guinevere for it. Especially since, yeah, as spenser said, visible attack is good on her and Push doesn’t help there.

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It’s more that I want the lull and push is just more useful to her I feel than JDR.

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Lilina’s Spd isn’t really noteworthy to use for Windsweep, even with LnD

Her native Res however works well with her basekit Sabotage, especially with a Phantom Res seal or a Chill Res seal

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Push is kind of a sidegrade to her native Solo 4, and L&D 3 outdamages them both anyway. (4 on special and 5 on attack vs 7 on attack) As for the Lull, it just doesn’t give nearly as much damage as a visible Res debuff. (5 special and 7 attack vs 3 attack) Probably better to save the fodder for someone who can use it better.


I’d actually suggest the old chill res because sabotage doesn’t work that well on double L&D. Anyone with low enough res to get sabotaged at that point is already toast on the AoE regardless (like, literally). That, and tanks against ranged units probably planned to stand solo anyways in order to prevent opponents from firing over them at teammates behind


That’s why I wanted to change it in the first place