L!Lucina inheritance question

Ok, so most of you probably know by now that I got my L!Lucina to +10 the other day. In preparation for that I pulled a Shinon to give her the juicy new deadeye skill. Now that I’ve maxed his HM and gotten his flowers the time has come to actually give it to her. But before I do I gotta decide on something, which of his other skills to inherit with it. I don’t think she really needs the solo since she’s usually around her allies and already has good A skills to boost her attack and defense. So it’s more between lull atk/spd and TP. Both are good options obviously and would both help with her build.

TP would help her use Deadeye more with spendthrift while the lull would give her more effective bulk with the -10 attack on the enemy when combined with the weapon. And while writing this I remembered I have lull atk/def as well from Dimitri or duo Ephraim, so maybe that could be an option instead. Just looking for some thoughts here.

  • Lull atk/spd from Shinon
  • TP from Shinon

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And if you think I shouldn’t give her the lull atk/spd from Shinon, do you think that lull atk/def from one of the two mentioned above would be good?

  • Lull atk/def from Dimitri
  • Lull atk/def from Ephraim
  • Don’t give her lull atk/def

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Are you planning on using that Duo Ephraim or Dimitri?

No, Dimitri especially. So really it would probably be from him. I’ve already maxed both of their HM and gotten their DF.

Clearly the answer is give deadeye, give his bow, give lull 1, and tp1. Why be decisive when you can be indecisive and weaker for it?

His bow isn’t inheritable.

Can i just get one copy of her :fgo_hassanmad:

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Nonsense, I can give it away if I want to give it away.
listen, it works with the joke, but I never pulled him so honestly I wasn’t aware


Well in November we have the 3H rerun banner so you could consider to save for that banner and spark Lys and give Lucina DB 4 and time pulse and in that way you can fodder deadeye and the lull from Shinnon.

I will say I’m a bit surprised how many people think lull atk/def is a bad idea.

Eh it not that I’m particularly dying to give her one of them. More just that I’ll be foddering one thing from Shinon for sure (deadeye) so I’m just trying to be efficient by also giving her one of the other good things I can from him.

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I think Thogn is the best weapon for her but I don’t have her so I wouldn’t know, Time’s Pulse and Deadeye combo

Thogn is a fine weapon, but man spendthrift is really good.

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If you rarely use Dimitri & don’t mind foddering him, Lull Atk/Def & Time’s Pulse is a good combo :feh_eirikathink:
You already have 47 Spd with the Bond, so Lull Atk/Spd isn’t as needed.


Alright, decided to go with TP from Shinon. And did end up giving her lull atk/def from Dimitri too, along with DB4 and brave bow+ from a Klein in the process. Thanks for the feedback everyone.