L!Lucy - which B skill?

I’m planning to build L!Lucina like this:

With her refine she makes a fine windsweep user, which I want to capitalize on. TP and DE come from the Shinon I pulled yesterday.
But I’m also tempted to give her either Lull S/D or A/S Link, both of which would increase her damage output by quite a margin, plus Flashing Blade 4 for the extra true damage plus special acceleration. I have all the fodder available for this second batch of skills, but before I sacrifice F!Mareeta and Reginn or S!Joshua, I want to hear your thoughts about all this…

Oh, and for some visual aid:

Thanks for your help :feh_annawink:


Lull Spd/Def sounds like a good choice for a B skill but I don’t think there’s really any need to change her default A skill. Should you decide to merge her up and user her in Arena, you’ll need to replace whatever is in her A slot with Blue Duel Infantry 4 anyway.


I use Lull Spd/Def on mine works pretty well


If you actively play Aether Raids and don’t have another seventh slot unit I advise against killing Reginn. The others are in the general pool, and mythic heroes are hard to get because of RNG and sometimes you need months to wait for a rerun.

If she is a spare copy, though, then what are you waiting for? Best Female Lord deserves your wallet.


I use lull atk/def on mine, but she’s also atypical because she’s a tank.

Personally I don’t think FB is overly necessary with the build you posted and echo what Jo said and would just keep her native A if it’s offense you’re after. Both of the lulls are solid options as is Windsweep, so it more depends on what you want from her.


Thanks to all of you :feh_annawave:

Your feedback plus the builds on Gamepress (and a little playtesting with the combat sim) helped me to decide which skills I wanna use on Lucina:

I figured that refined Thögn, Desperation and Fury make a seriously potent skill combination, allowing her to insta-double ANYTHING without NFU (something she couldn’t do with Windsweep or Lull) after just 2 rounds of combat. A/S Oath provides a nice stat boost here (and I have it right available on N!Shamir), although TP stays a strong alternative. For her special I’m still a bit unsure… Moonbow works best for me ATM, but I might change that for Luna or even Dragon Fang.

So far Shinon, F!Mareeta and Reginn are save :feh_lucyshrug:

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