L.Veronica IVs

I have -spd and a defensive boon, but I wanted to turn this into a more general discussion on L.Veronica IVs. (As much as my emotions say “summon for Embla,” I don’t think I can justify summoning for another IV even though I want both of the other reds because I shouldn’t be trying to fodder her when other banners are so high value right now and I have N.Corrin manuals.) Questions:

  1. How bad exactly is -spd, since a lot of far saves and some omnitanks are slow? What about -atk? Which matchups will tip on these banes?
  2. Better +atk or +spd and why?

On the side, if you know of a reason why I probably should continue firing at the 8%, I’d love to hear why.

IMO Veronica’s %DR piercing special makes Attack more important than Speed. At worst, you can team her with a Pulse support like Askr or Pent so she has her special instantly ready.

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Interesting idea which I hadn’t thought of. I’m a bit unsure about it because I feel like she’s supposed to win against asc.Tiki because with her kit she should be killing reds and greens pretty reliably leaving only blues with solid res or a crapton of HP to someone like Cath.

Actually, just looking at asc.Tiki I tend to prefer +spd as a way to ensure that matchup because this unit is so excessively difficult to kill with anything other than a brave weapon.

her prf special runs off her atk, and it’s the only one w/the superboon. i feel that +atk was where they wanted her to go.

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