LA Eliwood 4* +10?

Hey guys, I recently foddered DC and Wrath 3 to my LA Eliwood (who is my only good blue-armor), and I was wondering about how to grow him.

Should I make Eliwood 5-star, or 4-star +10?

I don’t have the resources to feasibly make him 5-star +10, so it’s either 4* or barely any merges for him. I’m planing on using him heavily.

I would promote him, if you don’t have enough feathers for the moment you could always wait for them since feathers are pretty easy to get. Merging him at 4* rarity is expansive because of grails, and merging him to +10 would cost way more than a 5*+5 grail-wise for the same stats.

Yeah, if he was any kind of unit except a Grail unit I’d say 4* +10 would be acceptable as the stat differences are usually 1-2ish on all stats and not super impactful. I have a 4* +10 Lucius I use often.

But if you’re investing that many Grails, 4* +10 is kind of a waste. You can only get so many of them with Grails, and the cost goes up with each copy. It’s just a really expensive investment.

I’d say 5* even unmerged should be just fine for him, and you can just give him merges over time as you go.

Normally I’m all for saving feathers with 4* merge projects but in the case of a grail unit (especially a TT unit where less initial copies are available), I’d much rather slowly merge him up over time. He also has a flat statline that would really benefit from all the increases he can get. Not to mention for arena, he’s one of the best options for F2Ps (if not, the best) to reach higher arena scores but only at 5*.

In your situation when feathers are tight, I’d merge him once and slowly collect grails and feathers to finish merging him later. I’m doing that with W. Cecilia and even at +1 she puts in work. He only loses out on a couple of points of speed and 1 point in atk/def/res compared to 4*.

Never 4^+10 grail units. The number of them you get is still limited.

This is what I was going to say.

Probably better is to try to pull a L.Tiki or 4*+10 merge Gwendolyn or Effie. This guy costs waaaay too many grails to go 4*+10.