LA Eliwood Building

So, since B Hector refuses to come home to me, I’ve decided to build up LA Eliwood. What I need are some good build suggestions.

He will be receiving DC + Null C Disrupt from my -spd Nailah, so an enemy phase build is preferable.

His Buddy

Edit: I forgot that Null C-Disrupt is Infantry exclusive. He would get Wrath 3 instead.

Null C-Disrupt and Null Follow-Up are Infantry exclusive.

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Oof, I forgot about that.
I guess he’ll get her Wrath 3 instead.

Dannwond’s build is beautiful but how about this?
You might want to switch Idunn’s C for armor buffs.

This looks good, but I will choose a different Special, since he clearly wants to stay at low HP.

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Lol, look who I found on Team Grima.
Came here to double check.

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