LA!Eliwood - Builds

Probably about time I should get serious about building him.
As much as I am a fan of him, I never really tried investing in his LA alt seriously.
The low def is probably to blame, but he’s not a bad unit.

So, no budget, what do you think he can do to rise above?

Edit: Lemme just put a small poll here.

  • Fort. Def/res 3
  • DC

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Here’s a build from someone on my friend’s list.


He’s balanced statwise, which means you can focus in one area over another. Want a speedy tank? Focus on Spd. Want a defensive tank? Focus on Def.

You can also try to make him all around, though I feel it’s more effective with merges since he’ll need every stat he can get.

What type of role are you planning on using him for?

Probably as a bit of an allround unit.
He has fine res, and his speed is too tempting not to use.

This is a build idea I had for LA Eliwood

Yeah, I like this.
Well, a lot of merges I won’t put on him (for now) but the build looks good. And I do have an V!Ike…

Maybe Berkut’s lance or Vanguard might be a tad better, could make it more enemy phase focussed. But I like it

Hmm… I dunno if he would make good use out of the bond. But it does work maybe with fliers?

Or is the idea to use the speed to bait in speedy units safely?

Maybe switch that with Armored boost

I would recommend this build too, it was I plan for LA!Eliwood. He’s somewhat a blue Devoted Ike with more mixed bulk

I mean March lol

Basically the first build but with casa blanca+ and Atk spd bond 3 as SS instead. It allows you to tank magic damage and ranged enemies and +5 atk/spd will activate always.

Personally, I’ve always liked the idea of Firesweep + Bold Fighter, since his bulk is very unimpressive for an armor unit.

But if you want his bulk fixed, I can recommend Fort. Def/Res 3 in the A Slot. Not too sure about anything else, tho. With decent speed, he’s pretty flexible.

All those together?

I never really liked the firesweep weapons, tbh. But that’s mostly because I’m a fan of enemy phase units.

If you fodder Devoted Ike for special fighter you will probably fodder DC too. He will have 34 def and res at max merge and he could get more bulk with ward armour or tactics. But fortress is not bad either to boost his defensive stats.
IMO go with DC for the moment, and you will see after if you prefer to transform him in the wall of Lycia lol.

I’m leaning towards DC, yeah.
Of course, if I were to give him special fighter. It’s gonna be with the DC.
I won’t waste all that fodder for one unit, even if it’s a unit I love.

Might give him either defencive lance to make up for the fact he’s got no defencive A slot and low stats. With that and Aether, he should be a fine duelist.

I will keep the slaying lance so he could trigger aether every combat in EP for my Eliwood.

I’m looking forward to your final build. Hopefully Thea will be demoted so her lance can be another option for him

Nonononono. That’s not what I meant. I meant use Fort. instead of Firesweep if you want to bulk.

And that’s fine. To each their own.

Hmm… Yeah, I’ll keep slaying for the moment then.
But I’ll likely switch to Vanguard if I get a Thea from her demotion (IS, you’re not that stupid. Right…?)

Kinda don’t feel like killing Berkut.
If he ever gets that Kriemhild…