Lack of Quick + NP charge CEs

Since I am starting to use Quick servants more and more, I felt a gaping hole for decent Quick CEs. In fact, I have none. So I dig around only to find that there are 5 Quick + NP charge CEs in the game. (I could be wrong)

Knights of Marines: 15% Quick up, 60% NP charge (Pure attack stats)
Limited Gacha CEs in Squitoria download campaign

Shvibzik Snow: 12% quick, arts up, 50% charge (Mix stats)
Limited Gacha CEs in Christmas 2020

Someday in Summer: 10% Quick up, 10% NP dmg, 50% charge (Pure HP stats)
Event CEs in Seraph rerun

Princesses’ Pilgrimage: 15% Quick up, 15% Crit dmg, 50% Charge (Mix stats)
Limited Gacha CEs in Kama event

Traces of Christmas: 10% quick up, 10% np gen, 50% charge (Pure attack stats)
Event CEs in Christmas 2021

I wrote it down for my own use but maybe someone may find it useful too?
Anyway the fact that we have to wait for Christmas 2021 to realistically get a decent MLB Quick+NP charge CEs is stupid.


There’s a 4 star one that’s not limited, Innocent Maiden
12% Quick Up + 5% np regen every turn. Give mixed stats tho.

Yes, but I believe the OP was trying to list the CEs that provide “Starting NP” and not “Passive NP Charge”, likely as the Quick counterparts for CEs like Aerial Drive, Dive to Blue, and Painting Summer.

Innocent Maiden does not provide a starting NP Charge.

Its not really relevant since what you really want for quick looping with skadi is a kaleidoscope or MLB imaginary element (next best).

MLB IE isn’t really the best choice since the one holding it needs to be charged 25%, so it can’t be paired with Mage Association MC like a non-MLB k-scope. You’d need plugsuit and Waver to charge that 25%. But if you were bringing plugsuit+Waver anyway, you may as well use a 50% Starting NP CE that also provides either Quick or NP Gain buff.

Traces of Christmas is a great one because if provides both Quick and NP Gain, so it can be paired with plugsuit + Waver (or Reines after her recent upgrade) for that first extra 50%. Of course, this only works on those who can refund 49%+ per NP.

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Not really true. MLB IE and no kaleidoscope is my situation.

I loop just fine with it using my ‘proprietary’ dantes-skadi system.

MLB IE also will be even better once Nero bride is upgraded (for those who have her or will get her)

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I didn’t say it wasn’t possible. Just that it wasn’t ideal, because the extra 5% that needs to be charged cuts out some options for a 3T comp.

For example, people without Waver will have more trouble charging that extra 5% as all other Servants (Asides from Skadi) with team-wide or targetable NP Charge skills can only charge 20%. The only ones who go beyond that 20% are still to be released (Reines, Miyu, and Rider Carmilla), or need their upgrade (Bride).


You are right in that quick looping need a kscope. I am thinking more in line of general non-looping team maybe for a boss fight. e.g. atalante alter + double skadi + waver + 50% starting gauge CEs can ensure 2 NP back to back.
For now I am forced to use HNS which is fine but lack Quick dmg boost.

Do you really need more Quick up though? I’m not gonna run the maths on it - I’m at work :upside_down_face: - but I would have thought NP damage or NP gain would be more preferable?

We also have a couple NP gain up CE, which in most cases will generate more refund than comparable Quick UP - Magical Girl Sapphire (25%/30% NP Gain Up), and Little Halloween Devil (20%/25% NP Gain Up).

It just sucks that those CEs are limited Gacha CEs. I didn’t even manage to get one copy of Devil during the rerun and I only have one non-MLB copy of Sapphire. :catroll:

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Yeah, as lovely as these would be I find, when I’m using Quick Servants, I either want a kscope to start NP shenanigans straight away or their NP gain is good enough that, with fairly moderate support (Helena normally does the trick, so Skadi is overkill) they can NP fast enough for most purposes. So I normally use Imaginary Around for the big Quick boost, or a few other niche options like Midsummer Moment (my MLB copy is 15% Quick, 15% crit and 4 stars per turn - it works wonders on Jack). If I really need that 50%, that’s what HNS is for. Traces of Christmas will be fantastic once it comes around but I don’t find myself missing it.

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Well, i am here to dispel the notion that a kaleidoscope is needed.
P.S. I have another comp if the first wave is lancers.
P.S. there is no strict requirement that i need dantes to reach 100% gauge after the first wave. But if the appropriate cards show up, i will.


A++ work finding a good workaround! It’s always nice to see some creative work. The only downside imo is the reliance on the plugsuit, since so many people would have it level 10 already and want to level something else but I’m sure you’re aware of that.

Yes, it is indeed level 10. But, i am fine with it as it helps to save so much time.
I will roll for nero bride next year so as to fully solve the no kaleidoscope problem.

For lower level nodes, i just revert to my older pre-skadi comps which can still 3 turn using the new arctic mystic code so that it can be levelled.

@homu the absolute madlad thought of a way to NP loop with Knights of Marine and using True Ether instead of plugsuit Waver! Still uses KoM which is event limited but I think potentially higher chances of getting a copy of that over Kscope/Waver?

Currently working for farming aurora steel which is all I need it for right now lol but hoping I’ll be able to use it for events.

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Well it is general consensus that MLB scope > MLB magical girl sapphire. So unless you top Miyu, you are generally just not worthy.