Lady Reines Case Files Discussion Thread

It was all foreshadowing for the 5th anni

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At least overworked mage can now rest in peace. :fgo_gudako:

Or, at least until we summon him again. :fgo_bblaugh:

M stands for :fgo_medb:


Lol wait till you get to the Ilya parts

Himself so he could have a break

I’m enjoying what little of the event I’ve played so far, but man I kinda wish we still had a few days before this event started. Like I wanna do this event (and I really don’t wanna miss the raid) but I’ve been busier then normal lately, and I’ve been trying to exercise more, (also im probably gonna spend all day tomorrow moving stuff aswell)
Plus I still wanna get through Nier Replicant soon, and I still haven’t fully checked out that new Genshin update.

I know I’m probably just being impatient, but it all just feels overwhelming lol.

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Enjoying this ; got the temporary Gray over here.

Storyline is pretty good, the characters are great, and it gives me an excuse to use my new Reines. :fgo_ereshlove:

An event I don’t mind using a couple of apples on. Especially since we have the raids later on.

Also, really love this touch that they put when she puts on her malicious smirk :


I must admit I’m not that motivated by events in general atm, the raid is honestly the only thing I look forward to.
Apart from that, this event looks rather decent, though.
Plot and setting are more my thing than Ooku (which also had too much clicking, plus Kama was a pretty boring and predictable antagonist), shop doesn’t have many mats I need, but that also means clearing what I need should happen automatically while clearing the missions, and the spawn bonus logic seems to only let a special 3rd enemy appear in some waves, not that horrible 4+ mobs per wave logic events like SE.RA.PH and GUDA3 had going on (I hate it when I’m forced to take at least 5-6 turns per farming run).

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odd, I like feel I know this place…


yup, that seems about right


Gotta love that devil tail. Was so fitting and made me smile when seeing it.


Same here on beating the quest 8 time. I just curious on what a good strategy to tackle these quest that require repeating a huge amount without using apple?

ya wanna see gilles do big crits


I very much like the concept of this event, and I don’t mind the missions too much either. I’m willing to invest a couple of silver apples here and there to make sure I can make it to the timegate, even without using a guide, but the whole affair is pretty manageable and it’ll be fun going through the flashback fights.


When I saw Waver I immediately went “Not me, I swear! I’ve been using Skadi lately, really!”


Yay, more [City] nodes! Nero has been putting in work in these recent mission-based events! I do love that I can DSS the farming nodes, though. Really tired of the extra spawn CEs…


I hit the timelock :grimacing:

Really having fun with this event. The story is good and it’s super nostalgic.

I imagine it’ll be even moreso whenever it reruns.


I see that and raise you



Just beat Lion King and got Gray. I hope there are more of these flash back things.

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Been on the road today with spotty internet. Not much progress for me. But anyone else want those masks for costumes? I really like moriarty’s mask in particular


yeah, they are fun