Lady Reines's Case Files CQ thread

Since Barbatos died, the challenge quest is technically available, so here’s the CQ thread. Most people will probably have to do a few missions first but it’s good to be early for CQ threads since some people have a lot of apples to burn. Anyway, here’s the CQ guide:

Feel free to post your teams here and good luck!


Another very straightforward CQ. For the clear I blasted Alex down with BG Kama, keeping him Charm-locked almost every turn. Brought Sherlock out of the basement to swap in and use his NP. From there it was just a matter of whittling down Waver with the two of them.

Went back and ran QSH with Sweet Crystal, which makes it even more ridiculous. Couldn’t sign in for a proper comment on the GP write-up, so I left an anonymous suggestion.

It’s no 3T strat, but it’s criminally simple when you can do this without endless save-scumming. Not even 2x Merlin…


I was ready to go after beating the story, but then found out that CQ doesn’t unlock until full mission completion :fgo_illyablink:


P.S. I didn’t notice it in the GP guide, so I’ll mention that the Brilliant Summer MC can be used to circumvent Alex’s Evade and finish him in the same turn.

It’s a Quick-oriented and not-that-amazing MC, but it works great for this if your team is otherwise stacked and just wants for one thing to solve for that unremovable Evade.


Used that one iri/Ilya memorial. Doubt I will this time.

For this
Thinking about running semi + amakusa + Merlin (starbomb) + plusuit Hans (pg) + waver (kscope) + a Jeanne in the back, for good measure.

B4 I get weird looks, I do cqs blind :fgo_morilaugh:


Semiramis breezes through the first part, but my run got stalled in the second part when bad card RNG and a Waver stun made me waste my Double Summon window, so it took longer than it should have.

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I hate unremovable buffs smh :roll_eyes:

Made the run take way longer. Still cleared tho :fgo_moriartysmile:


I took this as a challenge. I couldn’t quite get down to literally no rng (fix Kiritsugu’s NP gain, DW!) but I could get it down to just one instance - you need any kerry card on turn 2. even a buster that doesn’t crit will refund you the 6% you need for him to NP again on turn 3.


I’m torn between Kiara, to make use of her recent NP2, or QSH with some invuln piercing CE to make use of triple loring them yesterday. Maybe both.


Broke: min-turning with one DPS stacked with buffs to make them look good.

Woke: min-turning with TWO DPS’s using their respective card supports to make both look good.

Also I burned my Okitan and NP3 Illya for that Sweet Crystal. Some people here hate burning SSRs, especially limited ones, but it’s not like I was ever using them since I had better options.

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I tried doing it blindly with my newly maxed Gray but it didn’t end up well, it was smooth until Alexander got that 3T evade then Waver used his NP and well… now i know how the enemy feels like when i use his NP on them.

I’ll try again in a few days once i cleared the shop.

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I am constantly forgetting that Kiritsugu exists, much less that he gets a 50% bonus in the event. Nice work!


yaaaassss rep our kween :crown:


Truth be told, she’s a bit of a pain to enable here. She wants those nice Arts steroids, but none of them yet come with respectable NP charge, as we’re sadly aware.

It’s another case of needing the right cards and the right crits to do it in a tidy manner, and I’m not feeling it this morning.


Tmw I want to TA the CQ but don’t want to spend apples to unlock it so gotta wait 2-3 days smh


Why couldn’t they give tama a battery, jeez :fgo_badciv:


Will you get triggered seeing that okita alter strengthening quest next year that you can never do?


I haven’t tried it yet :eyes:

But today is rainy and I somehow don’t hate FGO yet after all those Barbara kills, so perhaps today is the day


At least burn a Skadi smh my head

U fake whale


It can definitely be done, but my patience is gone. The queen is hella needy: gimme stars, gimme NP, gimme my cards, gimme every goddamn buff because I have no event bonus, waaah…