Laegjarn build ideas

I really like this character, but she’s fallen somewhat behind to the newest units, especially with the slew of dragons recently. Is there any direction i can go with her?

I’ve made this build as a defensive wall/ movement command unit. Don’t know what A skill would fit. Does she have the speed for galeforce? Is she better suited for player phase, enemy or mix?

Also, I rather use skills available in the four and three star pools, even if locked at five stars. If i had premium skills, I’would’ve used them. So no Bonus doubler, sturdy impact and such.

Any suggestions?



She is still very much an excellent unit, the question is really what do you want (or expect) her to do?
I myself run her with this set

Chill Atk and Niu make proc HB fairly easy.

At the state she’s in,Galeforce might be a no-go,since her speed right now isn’t high enough.

I’ll still show my build just so you can see what I did,but you said no premium skills,so don’t worry,I’ll propose something else:

Before this,I pretty much used her PRF with Swift Sparrow,at +Speed,in conjunction with Desperation and kept her C-skill as it is for distant support. Special stayed at bonfire,since she sports good physical bulk.

I want something that could stand in Aether raids. I have plenty built for Arena.

So what A skill should I inherit until I get something a bit more substantial?

If you can’t go Swift Sparrow,then,you have 2 choices;either go for Fury,for added stats,with Desperation,and maybe add Darting Blow Sacred Seal,if you’re scared that she might not double consistently.

Or go Death blow for the chance at One-shots.

I use her to clear Abyssals. AR really depends on the threats you face, but she can certainly pull her own weight, Niu and her mobility make her a good Surtr counter if he’s hiding away in the corner.

Oddly enough i just keep hitting corner units with healers until it dies.

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Should, I use desperation? Would the +3 from fury make it viable, as you said she can’t run Galefroce quite yet.

Yes,the damage from Fury will make her fall into Desperation range fairly quickly.

Ok so

Slaying edge
Desperation/Chill attack
Distance Guard
And Guidance/Heavy Blade

From what I seeing.

Should I use Niu, the def slaying edge or a speed edgeL

You shouls keep her PRF;it’s got higher might and it gives her 3 more speed.

I’d Strongly recommend Niu if using HB, but I always try to use a units prf, unless they have the TA effect.

I run a speedy tank set that relies on atk buff and ignis which is easy to get.