Laegjarn build

I know her Prf Sword is good and all but it’s really situational so

This is my current build

The -Atk really sucks and I’m hoping to get another copy soon to fix it

This is the build I want to try to get

With a +Res and Barrier Blade with res she reach’a 31 res just 5 under her Def making her a good mix tank on enemy phase, and if I could get her to +10 her stats would be 50/50/40/40/28 (35)

The only thing is I don’t think she’s great for a ploy in C, because Ploys basically only use the units base value. Buffs at the start of the turn happen after ploys so they don’t factor in. So like the on the bottom build unless she’s getting res from a Legendary/Mythic Hero during the appropriate season, she’ll be trying to ploy off of 24 res which just I find too inconsistent to trigger on the majority of the units in the game.

Yah it was ment to be Smoke not ploy, just seen Atk and didn’t bother looking at the ploy

Ah okay, smoke makes a lot more sense for Laegjarn.

Yah, which is the main reason I have it on her already, I just hope I can at least pull another Laegjarn soon to get rid of my -Atk… even if it’s not +Res, tho I’m also debating on using Def Smoke instead now that Panne has it