Laegjarn update

I still don’t know what my endgame is with her build, I just got tired of Fury on her.

Also I’m out of stones so RIP refining for def as well for a while.



Spd/Def 2? Seems like an odd choice. :thinking:

Once I have the fodder,I’m gonna try a Galeforce Slaying Edge set for her,with Sturdy Impact and Heavy Blade.

I’m tired of fury period :expressionless:


I don’t like Fury.
It makes it impossible for a unit to sustain their HP unless you have a healer or the unit uses a healing special :catroll:
The stat boosts can be obtained in other ways. :birbpeek:


This is a build I use to want to try

I disagree. With exception of Fury 4, imo, you aren’t like at death’s door if you use Fury. I don’t like it too much, but I prefer it to a lot of skills (Bonds, etc.).

Same. I don’t even use the skill anymore.

Yeah she’s a bit too humble to be furious. I find she’s pretty good at surviving a single magic attack (aside from those designed more for the OHKO) so you should be able to get decent mileage out of Brazen. It’s definitely a good budget skill for her while you make your decisions. Have you tried it out much? If so how do you feel the build compares with her previous build you were running?

Yeah, you don’t lose too much HP for 1 combat. :birbpeek:
But FEH isn’t about just 1 combat.
So the more you engage, the more HP you lose.
Even in the battles you would normally dominate without losing HP, you would still lose HP because of Fury. :catroll:
That could just be me and my obsession with sustain though :birbpeek:
I really want all of my teams to always have some way to heal themselves & be able to do multiple combats. Fury doesn’t help that at all.
The only units I have Fury on that I use regularly are Arvis (Recover Ring) & Nino (Azama is on the team) :birbpeek:

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Fair enough. I normally have healers on my team with any unit using Fury, so I don’t see it as a big deal tbh. But I get you.

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I mean I have Fury on my Yune, stupid -res bane… But I also have Mystic Boost on her to mitigate it. Cause then she can laugh as Nowi can barely damage her without a special!

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Healers complement Fury users very well :birbpeek:
So your sustain should be fine.

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Yeah, that Res bane hurts Yune :frowning:
But Fury helps to patch it up so she can use her skills.
Mystic Boost gets rid of the recoil, so that’s good :birbpeek:

Literally me. My Yune is -Res too…

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At least yours is +atk, still sucks that she’s -res though. Mine’s +spd which is okay I guess.

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I first got a +Spd -Res one too! :birbpeek:
But then I was able to get a +Def - HP one to be able to not use the -Res one :birbpeek:

Brazen skills work good on her! I’ve often considered it for my Laeg but I gave her Atk/Spd Solo instead. May go for the Brazen idea on my NY!Laeg instead

You merge a lot don’t you? How do you run out of stones? I feel like I merge way less than you and I still have like 1400 stones

Huh? I’m probably being dumb cause it’s late but merging and refining stones have any kind of correlation?