Laevatein build

i have to choose between a +res or +def laevatein , for a merge, both are crap but im considering with res boon, with warding stance seal and DC is it really a bad idea? 31 res and 37 with buffs seems necessary to survive a dragon or mage attack and retaliate with a KO? what does def do for an enemy phase DC vantage leavatein, please help before i make a bad decision

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+Res is probably your best bet.

Laevatein is a great Vantage Sweeper so I’d say putting DC on her is worth it, even at lower merges :feh_birbpeek:

I personally would say +Def so you could get better Bonfire nukes off

is specials procs really worth it for laevatein though? i dont think any one survives a fully buffed attack+24 atk, galeforce seems great though…

thats what i thought but like every guide i see prefers def over res? i dont get it no ones surving a buffed counterattack, why bother?

The thing is she doesn’t have the Spd to use Galeforce reliably.
If you want to give her the DC + Vantage combo Galeforce is a pretty bad special for this instance.
You can give her +Res and make her more a mixed tank, but I personally don’t think she needs it.
As soon as she’s in Vantage range she should get buffed from you enough to one shot units that aren’t blue tanks and exactly for those blue tanks you would need Bonfire to get that extra boom to kill them.
Just my take on.

thanks lain that makes alot of sense - but if i could survive a nonmerged ophelia hit into vantage range isnt that much more valuable than like 3more dmg w/ bonfire, with considering all the max def nowis about, you might be right though --:( also what do you think about miracle if not galeforce (obv for AR)?

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That’s personal preference I think.
If we’re talking about AR and you wanna use her as a Vantage Unit in your AR Offence then things might change.
I’m pretty sure not even with a +Res and Warding stance that she would stand a chance against a AOE and afterwards Attack of Ophelia, but she’s also not made to tank units like that honestly.
Considering that many blue units in AR are in fact physical (could easily be that I’m wrong @Anoniem elp i’m scared) +Def might be good for general purposes like AR, Arena etc.
However take what I say with a pinch of salt since I’ve no experience with her and dunno much about AR, just giving my 2 cents and trying to help


I don’t think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell Laevatein is surviving an AoE Ophelia, your best bet is to try and avoid her until you’re in Vantage range, or have a unit specific to tanking her (like Hawkeye).


Neither of these two stats are very usefull for a Vantage tank in AR, because most players like to place their Vantage tank on a Bolt Trap to get in Vantage range. She most likely wants to avoid dragons anyways (especially the blue ones). Therefore +def is probably the best choice, so she can duel a bit better with meelee physical attackers before getting into Vantage range.

And trying to build her around tanking a mage attack will obviously use skill slots that could otherwise be used to make her a more efficient Vantage tank. It’s probably best to give her a Brazen Atk/-- or Fierce Stance as seal. Anything that can broaden the range of units that she can oneshot with Vantage is a boon for a Vantage tank.


@Krazytre bro i just did calcs…and i think a snowball chance in hell is placing it mildly, still dies (by just ONE) to a reg lifedeath3 nuke - and at the reasonably highest res i could obtain with her ie warding stance 4/3 (seal) and +6 to all stats w/ bonus doubler (L!eliwood), i have learned alot today lol T.T


@Lain haha your definitely right, ophelias a monster tho so bad example, but i usually run laevatein w/ L!eliwood w/ +6 and (bonus doubler), so even a +10 brave hector w/ def boon and close def3 seal gets ohko’d w/ even glimmer so thats why i feel like the only adv she gets is from archers, which in this day arent a threat

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@anoniem see i go fishing for bolt traps to but everyone seems to have em maxed w/50dmg and at higher levels in AR and hardy bearing seal makes that strategy unviable for dc/vantage, your going to have to have to tank no matter what.

Btw you don’t need to @ people when you’re answering them though

Her Res is bad but not unsalvagable. Mine is +Res and I’m kinda happy with that (but -Atk so boo!). So +Res to round her out, but go defense if you wanna use her as a tank but avoiding dragons and mages. Sorry if this is a tad too late.

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Is Laevy used for light or Astra? Eir can help heal her if you take a massive bolt, but careful not to let her heal up too quickly if you are in vantage range. One Eir sparkling boost is probably fine imo. But yeah, just look out for hardy bearing and also ninja weapons with hardy inside.

If the opponent doesn’t have Hardy Bearing (/Hardy Bearing weapons) on their team then you do not really care about the damage that your Vantage tank takes from a Bolt Trap as long as it brings your unit in Vantage range. 10 damage from a level 1 Bolt Trap would obviously ruin it for you if Laevatein has 41 or more HP.

If the opponent does have Hardy Bearing then you will have to get around this anyways. Taking even a little damage from the Bolt Trap will be a bad idea in this situation.

For tanking Ophelia:
Laevatein has: 25 + 10 + 6 = 41 visible resistance after both Light blessing from Eir and a +6 buff in resistance (assuming that she doesn’t get any bonuses from merging / dragonflowers / summoner support). Let’s assume for a moment that Ophelia is usually in the range of 62-66 attack after buffing. With 65 attack Ophelia will do 24 × 1.5 = 36 damage with her Blazing special alone. After this Laevatein will still have to take a hit from a unit that has the weapon triangle advantage over her. Assuming that she has Bonus Doubler she will have 47 resistance in combat. Due to WTA Ophelia will have 65 × 1.2 = 78 attack. 78 - 47 + 36 = 67 damage. This would mean that she needs at least 68 HP to survive.

With summoner support this would be 78 - 49 + 33 = 62 damage.
With Warding Stance (since you named this seal as an option) this would become 56 damage, but this would still mean that she needs to have 57 HP to survive while her base HP is 39 without merges (which becomes 54 with both summoner support and double Light blessing from Eir).

This is at the same time assuming that Ophelia has only 65 attack. An attack boon Ophelia with some dragonflowers and the standard Life and Death will have 66 attack after a +6 buff. And then we have players that will give her Life and Death 4 and additional merges and dragonflowers too. Additionally a Hardy Bearing weapon might be lurking like that of HS!Micaiah.

Also debuffs may play a role. The combined defense + resistance of Laevatein is probably the highest on your team, so she will take a -5 debuff from the Dark Shrine. If you cannot destroy this building then tanking Ophelia like this will become an impossible task.

Anyways, if you plan to give her the resistance boon then you will have to keep in mind that you cannot always tank Hardy Bearing Ophelia. This would mean that it is better to have some kind of backup strategy to deal with such setups instead.


thx for letting me kno lol - pretty new here haha didnt realize if the replies directed or not >.<

lol i just got the gold chair XD, last time i got someone in AR-D or O w/o some sort of Hardy was like months ago >.< and both my AR def teams are pulse + vantage so i know T.T, (lol it would be my only successful def XD) I def need to change that up,
btw thanks for all the calcs, thats alot of work, and its good to know just how distgustingly OP ophelia is even w/o invetment lol


@Purelust Congrats on the gold chair! That’s actually a big accomplishment. I think season by season it gets a little harder with newer units and better defenses.

How do you like your defense teams? I’ve been thinking about doing infantry pulse for a while now but only have one unit with it right now (haha, oddly enough, Ophelia)