Lakshmi Bai value questions

I have some questions about Lakshmi Bai. I love the design, pallet-swap or not. Tan+White Hair is a longtime winning anime combination. #emiya

Anybody here like her enough on JP to actually use her? Worth investing in as a spook or yolo since she’s going to non-limited or story (I don’t remember which)?

A lot of what she brings to the team is similar to Lan Ling, but she’s the only AOE Quick Saber, if I remember right.

Unfortunately her banner is so close to Arjuna Alter/Asclepius banner, so she’ll be third or fourth priority for me, depending on how my rolls go next month.

Note: I am not asking what the meta is. I know what the meta is. I’m asking for your opinions on the servant independent of the meta.


This is quick meta, so she’s relatively good now, but ok. You thought I was gonna schill for arts, but nah.

That aside, good general support who can double as dps. Like ozy. Can work in something like Hans + lak + okita. As for farm, has a lot of trouble dss. Outside of that, works basically just as well as any other aoe servant.

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I’m not on JP so take this with a grain of salt, but Lakshmi Bai strikes me as a good Servant for doing job that you don’t normally want done. She’s pretty good at what she does - make stars, buff crits - and has some defensive potential with her invuln, but it’s not often that you’ll want to run a comp that’s reliant on an active star printer. Her cooldowns also aren’t synced up, and since all her buffs are chance-based you either want to bring another buff-chance-up support like Ozy or Lanling to keep her buffs up or you’re stuck only popping her skills once every 7 turns while you wait for her personal buff chance up to come off cooldown.

She is currently the only AoE Quick Saber and she’s non-Limited, so she may just show up whenever she likes.

She’s a little too DPS to be a support and a little bit too support to be a DPS, for my taste anyway. I’d rather take Lanling for support or a more selfish DPS. She’ll function just fine with investment, and with even one pretty moderate buff she’ll be quite respectable, but at the minute she’s just a touch too difficult to get all the juice out of.


She is a less card specific version of Lanling that trades the Arts up for more survival for herself and Teammmates while also not being as stally on virtue of having an Offensive NP (Can’t loop tho).

Also she is a surprisingly good solo unit.

Between her second skill and third skill she heals an ally or herself by 2k every turn for 3 turns, has a 3 hit 2k damage cut alongside a 1 turn invuln and a Guts skill. With the right CCs and good timung she is very hard to kill.

She looks fun to use, and I wouldn’t mind having somebody on my main account who can actually benefit from Good Wife Wise Fox.


That honako fate requiem solo is the first thing to come to mind after reading OP :fgo_bblaugh:

she’s a good pseudo support/dps, put 2030 on her and she can pretty much fit on any crit team + an AoE np wich is nice for wave clearing (forget about looping with DSS though)

as for investment she really wants that buff success chance maxed out, the cooldown may be a downtime but I never found an issue with that because I usually build crit teams looking for a fast clearing, and she’s nice for that

oh and she’s very hard to kill, if the fight goes a little longer she definitely can hold her own as well while helping the team

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while it’s not a lot of people’s style, a level 1 copy has a niche if you can savescum your way into getting the buffs to proc.

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Sounds like she could benefit a lot from Tamamo for the skill cool down reduction.

That’s a pretty challenging pairing because of her deck. Tamamo really wants Arts chains if she’s going to do something other than buff once and sit on her ass or get sacrificed.


Even then, it still feels a little anti-synergistic to me. CD cuts might fix her speed but it won’t fix her synchronicity problems.

In any case, I think I’d pair her with Edison over Tamamo. To get Lakshmi Bai down to 1 turn of additional dead time on her Charisma, you need to reduce her CDs by 1 every 5 turns, and Edison’s Wizard of Menlo Park does exactly that. He has stars per turn and stargen buffs to supplement her critting, stall tools to supplement her defences and… overcharge support? Hope your 3rd Servant has a good overcharge effect I guess.

It is an option, but not one I ever would foresee employing.

Another reason why we can look forward to Chen Gong :slight_smile:


I forgot about Edison so that might work better. Malter is the other one I was thinking about with the CD reduction. The demerit might not be too bad and she’s got a Quick deck too.

While interesting. I think I’ll test drive her from the FL before deciding to roll.

She’s the only AoE saber I have in my JP, and she works okay on NP1. Higher NP levels will definitely fix her otherwise mediocre damage. She has high survivability and very nice animations. Can generate stars good enough. Overall pretty nice to have, tho she would not be the first thing that comes to mind when I think AoE Saber

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She’s not story locked right? If only she shared her banner with Asclepius though.

I remember getting her with a SR ticket on JP but our NA counterpart didn’t have LB4 servants… If we’ll ever get a future ticket she is definitely a good candidate, i like her design (obviously) and aoe quick sabers are rare… or actually she’s the only one.


Yeah she is the only one at the moment.

She is very good as long as you want to play with her.
Really a lot of servant are like that…
Still i think np1 would be a bit to short as she is not a proper support… So i may try to for np2.
Yes i Will pull for her and skip AA.