Laksmi Bai First Impressions

Aaaand that’s the third profile and first impression post.

That’s the active banner for now - we also have access to datamines for some of the as-of-yet-to-be-released Servants in the new chapter. We may have something up for that later as well.


i see a potentially strong waifu ,it was worth the wait for lostbelt 4

Was contemplating very hard if this can be considered a saberface.

Between Wilhelm and this magnifique lass - complete with a gorgeous lolrifle, too :heart: - 2021 can’t come soon enough. :fgo_illya:

Final art looks like the bastard child between Attila and Jeanne.

Can’t say I disapprove.

QQABB deck with quick aoe np. Solid skills too. Nice to see an option at higher rarities for quick users. Looks like you’ll need to level 3rd skill as priority to 10, so you can guarantee the additional effects of her 1st 2 skills from the looks of it. But considering the values of those buffs it’s a pretty good investment.

More saberfaces
More waifus


a tanned jeanne with a sword and gun with 3 turn farming potential in the skadi system.

and if i roll for her, i’m keeping the 2nd sprite.


Amen to that brother

For anyone interested, she can only double Skadi farm using plugsuit + Bride + gets 9 overkill hits per wave + anything not Assassin or Berserker. Technically you could replace Bride with Paracelsus, but that really hurts your overkill potential since you still need 9 overkill hits per wave.

Alternatively, if Arash can clear Wave 1 by himself, then using regular Kaleidoscope + MA/plugsuit to get 20% from somewhere or using mlb Kaleidoscope + whatever MC you want can work with double Skadi.


We’ve got a pretty interesting Saber this time.

She seems like a heavily upgraded, and heavily down-sized version of Caesar. She practically has his Charisma and Incite skills merged into one without the DEF debuff, though the star gen buff value is only half of Caesar’s. And it all lasts 3 turns on a minimum 5-turn CD. Skill 2, makes for a great emergency defense+recovery skill for one Servant (likely if they get picked on with 2 or 3 crits in a single turn). Her Guts recovers quite a bit of HP compared to some others, and her Buff Success Chance… buff… makes up for having to rely on RNG for 4 of her skill effects. It’s a sure thing at level 10 (much like Ozy’s) but it lasts three turns so (unlike Ozy’s) we aren’t forced to use the other skills on the same turn.

Looks like I’m not the only one who noticed that.

She and William tell blew me the fuck away. The wait will be painful, but well worth it.

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Due to Takeuchi’s “same face” syndrome all this “saberface” business is becoming rather arbitrary.

I mean, young Waver looks just like Saber but no-one calls him a saberface.


There’s actually some thought behind this one - or excuse rather.



lmao so it was takeuchi’s destiny to be her illustrator hahaha

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Yes, thank you, Twitter :D


-Jeanne Face

I see, you are a jeanne culture as well


Jeanne face should soooo be a thing!!!


Yeah xD

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Not sure what kind of identity they’re trying to create here.
Sure, DW is probably running out of ideas for skills, but just putting 60% chance for a bunch of additional effects gives me the impression that she has flaws that needs to be compensated by possibly getting 2-3 skills for the price of one.

It’s like the designers are saying “hey, this Servant is actually kind of bad. Let’s add a 60% (because it’s just above 50 to make the probability look better) and all these effects to her skill and make her viability kind of a bit or miss, depending on your luck”

Don’t like her design much, and her face looks more like a mask than an actual face.