Lancelot or Atalante for Double Skadi Looping?

I recently got Skadi, and for the upcoming free SR I’ve yet to decide whether to get Atalanta or Lancelot for looping. I don’t have any gold AOE Quick servants, only some good ST ones at the moment (Nyalter, Santa Altera). I have Waver but no Kscope, I only have some non-MLB Imaginary Element and a MLB Holy Night Supper.

atalente feels more consistent at np1 while farming with lancelot is better if you got him np2+


Atalante is going to have major damage ceiling issues compared to Lancelot. She’s a great refunder, but she is more limited in what she can farm because of her lackluster neutral damage.

Lancelot takes more to enable, but being a Berserker and having much higher effective ATK (along with an ATK buff that stacks at the start of each NP activation) has huge perks.


Atalante is better, espicial when facing saber enemies and get some overkill. Her NP gain skill works on 3 turns, which is more effective in a long batter than Zerkerlot’s 1 turn NP gain up.
The only issue is when she cannot kill a high hp lancer/ruler or nature enemy, it will become a joke.

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I tried Atalante earlier with double skadi and with her skills at 10/4/5 and she is easily loopable. Only problem you’ll have is just the starting gauge which can be fixed by a Waver and a 50 percent charge CE. Lancelot is hard to loop without any form of Kscope and his NP gain buff is underwhelming at just 1 turn. So I’d recommend Atalante for now.


I tried Atalante in Yaga Moscow (only Assassin enemies) right now.
Atalante: NP5, 8/4/10 + MLB K-Scope (lv. 53)
my Skadi: 8/5/8
Support Skadi: 10/10/10 (obviously)

The NP refund is always 44-45 % on first two waves.
It really seems like min-maxing is a necessity here. Especially since I think one of the Lottery nodes in GilFest has Assassin enemies (maybe with lower HP in the first two waves though?)
Against Saber/Berserker/Caster enemies it should be pretty consistent. Wil try Berserker next to confirm. But I’ll definitely need to raise Skadi skill 1 and 3 before GilFest. Definitely!

Edit: Yeah, no, only works with Plugsuit-Waver.

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Lancelot obv I have him at Np1 and he 3 turns everything 99.9% easily.
Plus you have waver so he’s easily loopable.

I tested it on thet node to. Yeah around 44%.
But plug suit paracelsus/bride is enought to cover thet


Plugsuit Bride!! Now that I like!
Thanks for giving me the idea.

For assassin enemies like Moscow, Nitocris works well for me with Skadi and Waver. I have an MLB Kaleidescape, without it plug suit would be required to get the chain started.

Fun fact : she usually instant kills the third wave Moscow boss if she goes after Skadi’s NP.

So what will be the setup from a starter point of view with Atalante ? I have started in March this year, don’t have many CEs to cover or max skills / levels - working on them. Just to try or experiment , I know its not possible with few resources. Here what I have -
Atalante NP1 (70) - 2|1|1 =>> will try to 80 & 6|1|6
Skadi NP1 (70) - 1|1|7 => target 80 & 6|1|10 (a lot blue soap requirement)
For Para , I will only level if its some what doable with last skill at 6 as I have in-progress roaster other may benefit from those mats / cards.
Now CEs :- KScope , Imaginary Element, some 50% charge CEs and some event CEs with 40% NP Charge

I think some CEs with starting gauge and quick card up would be really nice. Was trying with Valk and greatest journey MLB CE ( quick-15%, NP gain-10%) - problem was to fill gauge first time then can almost fire 2 NP back to back with 2 Skadi.


Isn’t that boss a silver MOB? If it’s the one I am thinking of, you should be able to guarantee Nito’s IK if you get her to OC5 (Usually involving DB and NP chains).

Same basic idea as Barrel Tower comps.

She’s better than Lancelot against Sabers and Berserkers.

Against everything else, Lancelot is considerably better. You can NP5 and Grail her to reach a point where Lancelot is only marginally better against those, if you like her enough that is.

It’s really important to emphasize that Lancelot’s damage is significantly higher. The reward for cramming your DSS into highly restrictive Lancelot comps is the lack of fuss with wave 3.

If we take Lancelot in at NP1 with standard silver Fous, no grails, a lvl 100 scope or Magical Girl, 2x maxed out Skadis, and a max 2004. he’s hitting between ~119-146k on the final wave, assuming all effects applied, 2x NP cast prior, Berserker x1.5 advantage, and no hidden attribute advantage/disadvantage.

Under the same conditions, Atalante is hitting ~88-107k neutral at NP1 with her own big Quick buff applied on top of everything else. Pretty big difference that will force reliance on RNG to provide Quick cards for a fast clear.

Atalante’s damage is much better by NP5, as expected, but unlike Lancelot, she will struggle to guarantee a clean kill where the enemies have over 160k HP and aren’t Sabers, especially depending on the Mystic Code you need to use. Not to mention that Lancer enemies will reduce her damage output and her ability to build additional gauge through Overkill.


Along the same lines, if I have an NP1 Lancelot, Atalante, and Parvati, which is the best to NP1 with the SR ticket?

Note: I have but a single Kscope. I’m also looking for the widest set of circumstances that would be covered.

One idea is that NP2 Parvati could be somewhat covered by an NP1 Atalante when it’s Sabers. But would an NP2 Lancelot be overall better in all circumstances (though, of course, there’s still the question of his damage ceiling at NP2).

My preference in that case would be to go all-in on Lancelot since his stability improves with more overkill hit counts.

There’s a case for Parvati in particular if you’re looking for more flexibility and don’t want to use 2004 every time you go DSS farming, but she won’t cleanly wipe out high-HP neutral targets like Lancelot will.

Edit: since you’re running normal scope, plugsuit would likely be your go-to for the majority of Lancelot comps. MLBing Magical Girl at its next rate up is also an option.

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So atalante can gain the amount of np charge needed to loop with her np but her damage might not be enough to kill the waves that she doesnt have type advantage?
edit: what about valkyrie? is she in the same boat as atalante?

Basically that, with Atalante. Higher NP levels definitely help her out, as does the fact she has an NP interlude, but she’s no Lancelot. She’s very slightly below Parvati in neutral damage when both have all skills and Skadi debuffs active. Atalante’s base NP refund is superior to Parvati’s, but after you apply Parvati’s s1 with it’s 3-turn 30% Quick effectiveness and 30% NP gain boost, her turn-over-turn NP refund is superior, making her more stable (Edit: I forgot to account for the NP Gain Up on Atalante’s s3, which is pretty huge ). To top it off, Parvati gives herself and her entire party a 10% NP charge every damned time she NPs, so it’s no wonder that she is one of the most stable Quick loopers.

Atalante is good, but has more conditions for success and deals a tiny bit less damage on the final wave. Her damage on the first two waves will be demonstrably lower, but that shouldn’t be a big problem, especially if we’re talking high NP levels, since most big HP targets live in the 3rd wave.

I mention all that about Parvati because Valkyrie is very similar in terms of stable looping and damage numbers. Valkyrie refunds very slightly better, while Parvati has a slightly higher ceiling on wave 3. If you have one, you don’t need the other if it’s just for gameplay reasons.

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Neither. Parvati in that case. You wont regret it.

On a side note, my Dantes is now NP1+1 woo hoo.
LV100 Dantes, 2k attack fou. Double skadi quick buff and defence down.
Basic NP without his own 50% attack buff is about 100k per target.
I am going to make him NP2+1 to further obliterate waves.