Lancelot or nah

Basically title, honestly my account is stacked at this point for farming but there’s ALOT of times when I can’t get a 3 turn clear without using like no event bonuses so a servant that’s effective against everything and can 3 turn on his own plus a Skadi (which I have…I have no quick servants to speak of that are good outside of my Parvati but she doesn’t have skills leveled) but I don’t have a max Kscope, which is the only kinda issue, and even then Imsaving for GodJuna so it feels redundant almost going for Lancelot (honestly main thing holding me back) is it worth it? To go for a NP1 Lancelot despite me going for God In a a bit?

Also, does He need max skills to 3 turn since I don’t have the mats to max everything out (1 skill can be maxed, rest can be 7 I beleive)

If you don’t have your own Waver as well, don’t bother. Lancelot has ass damage at np1 and the dude doesn’t get banners anymore.

If you do pick lancelot only his third skill matters in a double Skadi comp.

Do you have a Waver? That will be important since you don’t have a max Kscope. As an owner of an NP1 Lancelot I can say that Waver will also probably be important to his damage as it’s pretty underwhelming at NP1. The only skill that’s really important to his looping is his np gen skill. The other ones help him crit waves he can’t kill outright. I have them both at like level 4 or something and they’re fine so I don’t think leveling them is that important.

No. Most Skadi loop set ups need the buffed servant to be NP2, especially for a servant whose NP gain is low like Lancelot. If you have him at NP2 AND you have waver, then you can use a 50% charge CE and plugsuit to get a decent setup. Keep in mind that the first and second waves must have 3 enemies, so this might not always work.

The most efficient and stable set ups require MLB Scope, but a less efficient but stable set up uses Waver instead.

That said, it’s difficult to hit damage benchmarks at NP1.
And for Zerkerlot, you really only need to lvl his S3 to lv ~8 or so.


I will recommed you to choose a good servant or a servant that you personally like

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No Superscope? No Waver? NP1 Lancelot? No. Just don’t.


I’ve been using Zerk at NP1 w/o a superscope and w/o using Waver (though I have him). It’s not strictly DSS but it works better for me than other alternatives.

The problem with Zerkalot is that his NP gain steroid is only 1T, so you generally need that for W2 since it probably has less chance for overkill than W1. The problem I’ve seen with using him w/o an MLB Kscope though is that he can’t get enough refund without using some sort of NP gain buff, so if you need to resort to the plugsuit, it just won’t work. But with Waver at least, you can use 20% on W1 and 30% on W2, and probably get by.

However, if you are not wedded to trying to double-loop Zerkalot, I often use Arash for W1 so that I can give Zerk an HNS so he can hit a little harder with his NP. I used this method to farm Oniland’s FQs up to about Teacup and Food Court. After that, the facecarding requirements get a little too iffy to rely on all the time. One other advantage of this method is that you have some leeway on W2 to facecard a turn if you get a bad hand, which often makes a good guarantee to 4T rather than failing to loop a wave and having it all go splat…

Yes, it takes up a dedicated servant and CE slot, but it still saves me one CE slot over trying to 3T with other servants. And frankly, I don’t think I have any other team that could 3-4T either Teacups or Food Court .

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It’s gonna hard to loop with only NP. 1 Zerkerlot.
It’s required atleast Np. 2, S3 with level 8-9, MLB Superscope and 2003 MC or Plugsuit in Waver,

Yeah as others have said, NP2 Zerkerlot is minimum. But its possible to get by with only a regular k-scope if you use the 20% charge from an MC, or use plugsuit to grab Waver. But yeah I’ve tried NP1 DSS Zerkerlot and it’s just a pain to get working, NP2+ is just way more lenient and simple if you want him to 3T loop.

Edit: His S3 needs to be at lvl 6 minimum to be used for W2. But higher level is better.