Lancer questionf

Altria 5* lancer seems underwhelming while the 4* alter seems op.
Any advice on which one you would focus on raising?

I should add I have a Vlad extra but to be honest he creeps me out, especially twisting the lance in the person.

She is not really underwhelming ,she just fits another role .She is a farming servant that has a great np battery so she is great at what she does,since her np doesn’t have an np interlude the damage is kinda underwhelming but she can spamm it so there is that.
On the ither hand ,while alter chan is an aoe lancer she mainly focus on her monster crits to deal obscene single target damage so it depends on what you really need :a farming or a crit servant

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One strong argument why you should raise the Lion “King”: battery. With the right CE, up to 50% NP charge allows you to unleash her NP without outside help on first turn, which is huge. Should you have non-MLB Imaginary Element CE, raising the skill to level 6 will suffice. Also, back in CCC-event, I clutched hard on a fren’s stickpeople-toria who didn’t even have said battery at 10, she made Lu Bu-hunting a breeze (if a lengthy affair, as CCC-qs usually were with spawn-CE equipped).

Her sith-version is a rock-solid pick, too, but, again: battery is just too damn great an addition to a Servant’s skill-set. If you can afford to raise her, raise the Lion-kitty.

They’ve nearly got an identical kit bar 1 skill. Protection of worlds end (star absorb/crit damage + mediocre amount of stars) vs Blessings from the end of the world (debuff clear 50% np charge)
Lancer alter has a better mana burst by 5% but a worse charisma by 6%

To say lancer artoria is underwhelming is for lack of a better word - not quite true. While Lancer Alter can be a crit servant and Protection of world end is great you still need to provide her stars as she can’t generate enough stars on her own. The poor uptime on her this skill can be a problem. Lancer artoria however makes up for her lack of crit skills with superior np gain and over all np capabilities with a much more superior NP gain rate (1.1% vs .74) and a 50% charge skill. She also has better stargen and more hits on her quick cards.
Lancer artoria - AQQ chain + extra = 39% np gain + 17 stars
Lancer Alter - AQQ Chain + extra = 23% np gain +12 stars
(source: as well as my personal experience)

Having a 50% charge skill opens up a lot of flexibility in terms of CE choices. If you want to np turn 1 basically any 50% ce will work. If you want to give her some crit potential give her teacher and I. Give her hot sands h she’ll still be able to np at roughly the same time as lancer alter with 50% starting np gauge CE . (I mention Hot sands and Teacher and I ce as we got 1 copy of each free earlier in the year) With Hot Sands CE you’ve got a permanent uptime absorb and cdmg buff . Rather than 1 turn every 5 turns.

She’s not much of an upgrade on Lancer Alter but she is an upgrade. I don’t want to sound like I’m shitting on Lancer Alter - She’s really really good. That’s how good she is that we’re comparing her to a 5* and she’s very competitive. But I really don’t like the rep Lancer Artoria gets she’s at the point of being ridiculously underrated.

Thanks, I appreciate the info. You’re right, she really shouldn’t be considered badly. I’ve pretty much decided to level the Lion and work on the alter in the future.