Lances that might like gilt fork?

I got a s!narcian and i dont really want to use him so ill get the flowers and then fodder him i guess but…

I only have gwen as a somewhat invested lance, and i dont think she would benefit from it all that much. Plus armor eww
Are there any low cost lances you guys think would be worth building and giving the fork to?

Narcian likes the fork.

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Gilr fork is even better than some prf lances. I could imagine giving it to Lukas, since it’s much better than his own lance.

Other than that, almost any lancer that doesn’t have a prf will utilize the weapon well…basically just point your finger - Travant, Heath, Donnel, Azura, Conrad, whatever.

I think you meant to say “to,” not “the.”

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Le clumsy phone fingers do as they please.

Considet the following with a T4 Bond skill.

I’d argue having the Slaying Effect on his Lance is a good trade off. Not to mention he can run Atk/Def Bond 4 when it releases and be well off, especially with say an Infantry Breath + Ruse support buff bot.

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I think that First Bite makes for a good match with Gilt Fork. These lances would get along fairly well.

I gave it to Ferdie personally :thinking:

Any Lancer you wanna build for Defense will make good use of it.

Basically any lance unit with at least decent Attack and Defense can make use of it. I’d like one for my Ferdinand, but I’m waiting for the Mythic and New Heroes banners before I pull more.

I’m back above 700 Orbs but I still want my stock as high as possible because my stash is doomed if Felix is added.

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You are going way beyond the point of weapon comparison, but ok I guess. Literally everything can be improved thanks to support from allies, so this is a completely empty argument, because I could say the same about the gilt fork build.

The only point that I discussed was the weapon

  • +5 atk +9 def (when def refined) in both phases and debuff negation to atk/def if ally is within 2 spaces


  • 2 more mt, slaying effect and +4 atk/def only in enemy phase.
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Donnel would probably work wonders with this new Lance. Easy to access and merge as well
If we’re talking grails, then Travant can be an indredible physical wall with it. Really almost anyone can benefit from this thing, it’s super good

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