Lapras from research breakthrough

Hey guys,

I found no information about it so do you know if the lapras we’ll get from the research breakthrough will have its legacy moves like it had in January ? I didn’t got one at that time so I was wondering if we could finally get that ice shard-ice beam combo without spending a couple ETMs on it.

Thanks in advance !

Highly doubtful, as legacy Lapras has only been available through raid day event(s?) and from before they made the moves Legacy/Exclusive. Typically Niantic prefers to announce or at least put a pay wall between the player and the ability to get legacy moves such as those (random event-only non-CD obtainable ones such as Shadow Bone A-Marowak not long ago, therefore regulated to being obtained only through trading with players with the legacy move or using an ETM).

No, Lapras Ice shard Ice Beam was on reaserch breakthrough in January 2019

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Okay so yes, two events (which is why I had an ‘s?’ after event, I haven’t been playing super consistently. I just know as for now there is no guaranteed or announced way in the future of obtaining it, but nothing is guaranteed with Niantic I suppose).

It was even in January 2020 which is not that far away, which is why I was wondering maybe it could have those moves

I also found no info on this. Hopefully someone clears this up.
The news blurbs from last year all advertised the fact that it had legacy moves, whereas this round hasn’t. My guess would be no based on that.
Might as well hold on off on ETMs until we know tho just in case

Yeah that’s what I thought, so sad :confused:. I don’t see the point of getting a Lapras in that breakthrough if it doesn’t have its legacy moves :confused:

You didn’t caught one earlier? I mean, basically you just need only the fast move since skull bash is often better than ice beam, but I also hope for Darumaka available everywhere or at least legacy Lapras. Otherwise the latter is pretty pointless

Yeah Ice beam is really only for open UL. Ice shard is the only legacy you need for GL and ULPC