Las Vegas Official Bout roll thread: FPS, doggos and udon. The secret formula of success

IT IS HERE, FELLOW MASTERS! :fgo_seibasurf: :fgo_seibasurf: :fgo_seibasurf:


How cunning is it of DW to make the theme of my most anticipated banner to be related to gambling? The saying goes, what happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas, but this will be the exception of the rule because we will be bringing home our desired servants. :fgo_meltbirb:

As one of the many Masters that are awaiting to strike the jackpot this Summer, here’s hoping that all of your endeavors will be answered with good results.

Being the host in this occasion, I welcome you all to Summer 4’s official roll thread! I hope that you have a good time in here.



Summon Schedule



4* image

Osakabehime (Archer)

Osakabehime, now wearing an entire repertoire of different swimsuits, joins the stage once again. Okkie Summer’s a 4* Archer with a triple Arts deck and a Buster NP that provides a pretty ample set of effects. Her first active skill grants her a 1 turn, 1 hit evade on herself and buffs her critical damage for 3 turns (30%-50%).

Said first skill can be used jointly with her second skill, as taunts an enemy for 3 turns, increases the party’s attack for 3 turns (10-20%) and grants a teamwide Ignore Evasion buff for 3 turns. As said before, this can be used alongside her first skill and you’ll be able to mitigate the damage of one hit thanks to her evade buff. This could certainly help Masters when they’re fighting against an ST servant with no Sure Hit or Invul Pierce buffs.

Her third and final skill buffs her own Arts and Buster performance (20-30%) for 3 turns. While this buff is on the simpler side, it’s without a doubt a useful one because it practically buffs all of her attacks except for that sole Quick card in her deck.

Her NP, Hakuro Castle - Thousand Forms Mili-Mili Night Fever, deals 300-500% damage to all enemies and increases the party’s Buster performance (20-40%) and critical damage (30-50%) for 3 turns. Even if you won’t be able to spam her NP due to it being Buster, the fact that it grants your party with a 3T 20% Buster and 30% critical damage buff is certainly welcomed.

NP Animation
刑部姫 白鷺城・千式ミリミリナイトフィーバー! - YouTube

Servant demonstration
【FGO】Summer Osakabehime (Archer) Demonstration - YouTube

10 reasons to roll for Okkie
  1. Unlimited origami servants. :fgo_alterawiggle:
  2. She can teach you Japanese.
  3. She can help you to chotto embellish.
  4. She’s trying to do her best for you even if she’s a shut-in.
  5. With her in your team, you’ll win battle royale games 10 out of 10 times.
  6. She has a permanent smug face in her summer version.
  7. She helped you in Summer 3 in winning the ServantFes competition.
  8. Only cool kids dual wield guns like her.
  9. Her third ascension is :feh_navarreculture:
  10. She brings real guns to a water gun fight. :fgo_seibagun:


4* image

Carmilla (Rider)

Carmilla Summer is a 4-star Rider with a double Arts and double Quick cards deck. While Carmilla still has a balanced kit, hers is more focused on debuffing enemies instead of buffing your own team. Her first skill allows her to skill seal an enemy for 1 turn (50-100% chance), reduce their defense against critical damage (30-50%) for 3 turns and gain critical stars (5-15). As you can see, her first skill is pretty diverse on its own, as it allows you to debuff the enemy while gaining critical stars for your team. The combination of the defense debuff against critical damage and the enabling of critical stars is something that must be appreciated.

Her second skill, Phantom Thief’s Calling Card, is a deviation from a standard vampirism skill. This skill makes it so that the next turn after the skill is used, it will reduce the enemy’s NP gauge by one and will charge the party’s NP gauge (15-25%). The skill will also reduce one enemy’s critical attack chance (20-30%) for 3 turns. Even if it’s a skill with a delayed effect, that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. If used correctly, you might hinder the enemy and effectively charge your team’s NP gauges by a substantial amount.

Her third and last skill absorbs all enemies’ HP (1000-2000 per enemy) and heals Carmilla with an amount equal to what was absorbed. Said skill also reduces all of the enemies’ defense (20-30%) for three turns. The percentages applied in this skill are no joke, as Skadi’s (a 5-star) second skill debuffs the enemies’ defense by the same amount.

Carmilla’s Quick NP deals damage to all enemies (600-1000%), inflicts buff block on them for 1 time in the next 3 turns, and reduces their quick resistance (20-40%) for 3 turns. If you’re able to make her loop her NP, she’ll be able to stack quick resistance debuffs to any survivors, dealing decent amount of damage against them.

Carmilla’s a good 4* Rider with decent enemy debuff skills, who’s kit is based on vampirism techniques which is pretty accurate for her lore.

NP Animation
カーミラ 夜闇を駆ける鉄処女 - YouTube

Servant demonstration
【FGO】Summer Carmilla (Rider) Demonstration - YouTube

10 reasons to roll for CARmilla
  1. She has two good doggos.
  2. Her first ascension’s pretty good if you’re looking for summer servants with not a lot of exposure.
  3. She likes her doggos so much that she cosplays as one of them in her second ascension.
  4. Her third ascension is :feh_navarreculture:
  5. She can take you anywhere in her luxurious car. :catskully:
  6. Big tiddy goth gf.
  7. She will not blindly follow any Master, as she will only willingly cooperate with those who are good people.
  8. She can get rid of any dragon girl pests if you’re suffering from any. :fgo_morilaugh:
  9. She has pretty great style, as proven in her Heroic Spirit Traveling Outfit.
  10. Horn…did I mention that she has a red luxury car? :fgo_gudako:

5* image

Shinmen Musashi no Kami Fujiwara no Harunobu (Berserker)

Disclaimer: Musashi’s my favorite servant in the whole Fate universe, so please excuse me if I’m a bit biased in this assessment. :catroll: :fgo_insane:

Shinmen Musashi no Kami Fujiwara no Harunobu, more commonly known as Miyamoto Musashi, is a 5-star Berserker best waifu with a double Buster, double Arts kit and an Arts NP. Her 1st skill is as simple as it gets. It grants her a self Evasion buff for 1 attack and increases her own critical damage (30-50%) for 1 turn.

Her 2nd skill is a slight variation to Musashi Saber’s original skill. This second skill doubles the number of hits when normal attacking with an Arts card for 1 turn and increases said card’s damage (0-30%) for 1 turn. This skill also grants Musashi an NP generation rate buff (30-50%) for three turns. This skill is especially useful to quickly fill Musashi’s NP gauge and spam it to your hearts content. Her potential to spam her NP will soar through the roof in the Castoria era, so look forward to it. :fgo_spaceishtarwink:

Her 3rd and final skill is a double-edged sword. On one hand, this skill grants Musashi an Invul Pierce buff, increases her attack (20-30%) for 3 turns, grants her with a Guts buff for one time in 3 turns and reduces all enemies’ defense (20-30%) for 3 turns. All of those effects are pretty good so far. However, this skill comes with the demerit of dealing 5000 damage to herself without killing her, which is pretty serious when Berserker servants are usually glass cannons. This skill is preferably used at a time when you need that extra push to finish the fight, as this skill isn’t stall friendly.

Her NP is an AoE Arts NP that deals 450-750% damage to all enemies and reduces their critical attack chance by 30% for 3 turns. If you’re fielding her against Saber enemies, her NP will seal all Saber enemies’ NP for 1 turn (100-200% chance).

As of right now, Musashi Berserker is already a solid 5* servant, but her time to really shine gameplay-wise will be until the release of Caster Artoria when she’ll be able to completely nuke enemies with her NP repeatedly. I say gameplay-wise because she already shines the brightest to me. :fgo_musashi:

NP Animation
宮本武蔵 魔剣破り、承る! - YouTube

Servant demonstration
【FGO】Summer Miyamoto Musashi (Berserker) Demonstration - YouTube

10 reasons to roll for Shinmen Musashi no Kami Fujiwara no Harunobu
  1. She has a pretty chill attitude.
  2. She has reached the pinnacle of sword mastery, reaching the heights of nothingness.
  3. She’s a free spirit.
  4. She has plot armor EX.
  5. She was able to defeat servants while se was human.
  6. She looks so cute when she’s eating udon out of a Holy Grail. :fgo_ereshlove:
  7. She dual wields gun swords.
  8. She has a jet ski.
  9. She can wear any type of swimsuit that suits your fancy. From one-piece swimsuits to Murica’ swimsuits, and even the famous “three panties stitched together” swimsuit.
  10. This extract from her bio: “Musashi-chan, could it be, you are eating the food offerings to The Buddha?” “Ehehe- embarrassed grin with 100% stupidity


And my favorite one :fgo_musashi:

Disclaimer: Fellow Masters, please take into consideration that the review segments are only barely scraping the surface of each of these servants’ utility. I do not consider myself an expert in any means and as such highly recommend that you all should individually research about each of them in order to reach a more informed point of view on the matter. I hope that this will rouse your curiosity and push you all to research more on the matter. :fgo_ereshlove:


Welcome Bunny

Welcome Bunny


Min/Max HP: 0/0
Min/Max ATK: 500/2000

Normal effect:
-Increases Arts performance by 10%.
-Increases critical damage by 10%.
-Gains 3 critical stars every turn.
-Dream Chip drop + 1 (event only)

MLB effect:
-Increases Arts performance by 15%.
-Increases critical damage by 15%.
-Gains 4 critical stars every turn.
-Dream Chip drop + 2 (event only)

There’s nothing much to add aside from this: THANK YOU, DW.

Purple Eyes

Purple Eyes


Min/Max HP: 320/1200
Min/Max ATK: 250/750

Normal effect:
-Increases Arts and Buster performance by 8%.
-Increases critical damage by 5%.
-Miracle Playing Cards drop + 1 (event only)

MLB effect:
-Increases Arts and Buster performance by 10%.
-Increases critical damage by 10%.
-Miracle Playing Cards drop + 2 (event only)

You’re not supposed to eat your sunglasses, Murasaki. You’re supposed to wear them. :fgo_wow:

Summer Enma-tei

Summer Enma-tei


Min/Max HP: 160/800
Min/Max ATK: 100/500

Normal effect:
-Grants Evasion for 1 attack.
-Increases NP damage by 5%.
-Lucky Dice drop + 1 (event only)

MLB effect:
-Grants Evasion for 1 attack.
-Increases NP damage by 10%.
-Lucky Dice drop + 2 (event only)

Shame on you, DW. :feh_elisad:


This section is under construction. The links will be added in due time. Thank you for your comprehension, fellow Master. :fgo_musashipeek:


Regardless if you’re rolling for :gun:, :bat:, :fgo_musashi:, or none of these, I hope that you had a good time here and that you enjoyed reading this thread.

And last but not least…before I close the curtains, I want to share with you all more Summer 4 art to try to convince you once more to roll for these characters. :fgo_musashipeek:





Here’s to an eventful Summer 4!

If you’re one of the unfortunate ones like me that’ll roll in both banners, please look forward to the 2nd roll thread of this event. I wish the future owner of that thread a lot of luck!



Great thread Adam :fgo_jeannyes:

I have to skip after the disaster from last banner, but I still want to wish those who are pulling the best of luck :fgo_jeannecheer:

Also @NpcLucario I hope you can get your CARmilla :feh_flaynsmile:


Thank you!

And hopefully you’ll get Dantes and Merlin in the future. :catlie:




Nice thread Adam! Good luck to anyone rolling.




Wonderful thread Adam! :fgo_musashi: :catclap: best of luck to everyone’s rolls!


Yup, the hardest part of this year’s lotteries for me starts tomorrow. My main target this summer is Merlin. Also Bunnytoria. Also Musashi. In that order. Heck, if Carmilla and/or Osakahime show up too, I won’t object.
The catch? Those targets with 15’ish tickets and around 380 sq…


Thank you Chessie! :fgo_meltbirb:


Eh?? I’m rolling in 3 banners:

  1. Musashi (not interested in either of the SRs)
  2. Melt (wouldn’t mind bunnytoria, tho…)
  3. Merlin (Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!!)

Please don’t forget about Merlin - this is a solo rate-up for him, so it’s a good chance!


Ooof, lots of luck with your rolls.

I just wanted an excuse to put the Melt pic. I’m not really forgetting about Merlin, I even included a photo of him at the beginning of the thread. :catlie:


I’m here for 3 thing only



And waifu

That is all


This sounds like half of the summer servants, ngl. :fgo_gudako:


Only one fits all 3 tho :fgo_gudako:




Cross-dressing Billy?


I’m only here for my lion.

Seen it? :fgo_seibathink:


Musashi, please go easy on me. I need something left of me for Buntoria. So please have mercy.


Good luck, everybody! :crossed_fingers:

Depending on how badly the dick wizard screws me and my SQ reserves, I might actually do some unplanned rolls on Carmilla. I’m usually one of those “gameplay > waifu” kinda guys that everyone seems to hate (sorry!) but I’m very much tempted to make an exception here based on her design alone. :drooling_face:



  1. NP2 American Samurai

  2. MLB Butt NP’s Butt CE

  3. MLB Relaxing Librarian’s CE

  4. Frontline Neet Gunner

  5. The Vampire Committing Vehicular Manslaughter with her Doggies