Laslow and Mordecai team up?

I’m thinking about building Laslow and I think he would work wonders with Mordecai. Mordecai could smite him into the enemy field and would debuff everyone within two spaces of Laslow, and Laslow would get and give Mordecai the needed buff for his weapon’s brave effect to trigger. My problem is that I already have a +Atk Keaton who already works very well as the DC vantage brave effect guy so it might not be worthwhile to invest that much into Laslow (plus, Keaton is a beast unit so he might sinergize better with Mordecai).

Could anyone who invested into Laslow tell me if it would be worth it ?


I don’t have a Laslow, but I can vouch for him because his speed makes him less hit or miss with vantage strats. I don’t think he’s too worth it with Keaton around though, I’d think of him like… mergable Keaton?


Laslow’s main advantage over Keaton is being easily mergable :feh_birbpeek:
If you don’t plan to merge him I wouldn’t bother with him.


Laslow gets +3 Atk/Def while Keaton gets +10 Special damage.


Well, unfortunately merging Keaton is not really an option because Special Spiral is way too rare and valuable. I think I would merge Laslow if I were to invest in him though.


In that case I can only recommend him.
Been using mine since the day the refine came out and he’s helped me a lot :feh_nini:


I would say any unit with a brave effect on EP would be worth building if you can get your hands on them. A common unit that comes with it? Absolutely. Especially if you’re lacking in either the Vantage or the Red department.

I know it’s not the only gamemode, but pairing Laslow with Mordecai and Mila would be a really good combination. Mila provides massive support on your side with invisible buffs while Mordecai provides support by debuff the opposing side.