Laslow build stuff

I’m thinking about getting him as a red merge project since I don’t have more red units and I do love Inigo/Laslow
What should he get?


Laslow is discount W-Altina so skills that work for her work well for him too

Although he doesn’t have the button or built-in DC so he needs the proper A slot and Vantage B slot

I wouldn’t advise building him in any role other than taking advantage of his refine’s Brave effect, because both Chrom and Seliph outclass him as a tank


Yep, Vantage is his thing. Here’s my (very old and low investment) one for an incredibly basic example.

I’ll add that I could see him pairing quite well with L!Lucina and her prf assist, and the additional effects it and her weapon grant post remix upon using movement assists, since his weapon is also built around them. She could even potentially enable him to quad without needing the spd which could open more PP focused builds.

Alternatively Fae could be a decent pick for her ability to provide easy passive buffs to her team without the need for any assists or other skills, meaning you wouldn’t have to worry about that part and only making sure the buff and positional conditions are met (which shouldn’t be very hard in that case).


As others said DC or if you are fully invested distant storm for A, Vantage 3 on B and he can go with multiple C slots like pulse smoke, atk smoke, menace, drive atk 4. for specials mostly go for 2 cooldown specials like moonbow or glimmer, glimmer is more reliable for units with high atk, it is not good to have him with noontime or Aether because it can remove his vantage and then get him killed by a blue unit or any unit that can attack him first before him countering, dragon fang or dragon aura are good because of his high atk but you will need to update his stats by dragon flowers if you want to use heavy blade on S to accelerate his special, using a breath in S is cheaper and will work fine.
I use him with Lilith (the blue one not the red) because she uses the link skill and boosts his defenses, activates his brave effect and her drive boosts Laslow’s atk.