(Last minute indecision) Should i even bother rolling for Skadi?

I’m a f2p player, and rolling on skadi isn’t really on my plan BUT all this hyping is getting in to me. I’m betting my quartz on summer bb (just a sudden addition to the plan) but skadi seems so enticing…

So… Main issue is… i’m not really much on the technicalities and mechanics. All of my ssr are buster oriented and probably have atleast 5 sr quirk oriented servant. Still… I’m not sure if i’m really into skadi looping gig. So… Should i even roll for her. Does she have any uses outside looping? Should i just hop on the hype train then into a train wreck. What’s opinion?

Sidenote: why is summerbb dialogues so scary…

Skadi is overall a pretty valuable support even if you’re not looping. 50% NP charge is highly valued for basically anyone, and she can power up ST Quick NPs for big numbers if you need her to.
Don’t limit yourself to using SSR/SRs with her though. Lower rarity servants will appreciate what she offers as well.
Still, if you prefer BB as a character, you can go for her instead. Love outshines gameplay, after all.


BB isn’t really part of the plan too (just a last minute addition)… Most rolling plan of mine is mainly on shihuang di. But skadi and bb seems enticing to roll for.

Shi huang di is also a great servant. It sucks having to choose huh.

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First, if you prefer to roll for love rather than gameplay, go for BB. Second, How much SQ did you save? Depending on the number, you could try rolling once or twice to see how it goes. Who knows? You might get lucky. But keep in mind that Skadi also comes back next year in a download milestone campaign, so you’ll have some time to save for her again if you change your mind and want her after all.

If you are not into the technicalities and mechanics then I would hold off of pulling for Skadi. Skadi flavors up the game with new and creative ways to create quick oriented teams. Since buster is the the least complicated out of the 3 meta I understand your position so maybe you should just stick with buster and save for a servant that you will enjoy playing with.

Just roll Skadi. She is great. You will face some challenge quest that need NP charge, def down, evade, …
In my theory, grabbing a NP5 quick dmg dealer from support list and use my own Skadi is easier than rolling NP5 quick dmg dealer and get a Skadi support.
Maybe after 1 year, you can get some more quick NP and start to use them.

I’m not sure if looping is very creative, chief. But you do you I guess. When it comes to versatility and creativity I’d still give it to Arts comp even today. Stalling, looping, critting, Arts can do them all, even 3T farming and this is before USAshi. Buster can’t loop for shit but it’s just because their patron Caster has a team wide invul they get a +1 turn extend on their crit massacre.

Overall creativity side, it’s always Arts because rather than one Caster to rule them all, you have servants like Para, Lanling, Tamamo, CasGil, and Mozart to toolbox around, and they even accept Helena or Chiron. Buster accepts Helena and Chiron because Merlin is too broken to care, while Skadi is double Skadi or gtfo and have a mediocre Quick instead of a broken Quick.

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To the people above, temptation got me and got skadi np1 with 270 sq and 1 ticket. But cause it’s a compulsion roll. I’m seriously lacking mats to improve her (lacking the ice thingy, ring thingy and rainbow stone thingy)


Well congrats on getting her. She can also work wonders for servants that have 2 Quick cards in their deck since her first skill is absolutely bonkers with that crit boost

Oh wow a happy ending. Congrats. It doesn’t really matter if you don’t have the mats really. Event shops will eventually have ice, rings, and soaps, and they’d eventually be exchangeable with daily tickets. Use her unleveled, shove her in second archive, it’s your call. What matters is that you’ve won FGO.

Congrats! Commiserations on the mat hell though. I’ve only managed to get mine to 6/1/10 so far and am definitely waiting til Friday now to improve it further - because the caster gem/secret caster gem drops are too low outside of the caster dailies (and man, farming the 5 hearts I needed was a pain in the ass too).