Last post, see ya

This seems like a familiar post right? I’ve done this before some time late 2020 before the L!Dimitri banner was released where I went on hiatus from the game believing I was done. Turns out I was not, but now I am. What makes this different? You probably expect me to be back in a month or two but that’s where you are wrong. I really, and truly hope this is the last time I get to communicate with all of you. Not because I hate any of you, but because I think moving on from FEH is just healthier for my life. No more waking up early in the morning to get dailies done, no more stressing over powercreep and Aether Raids, and no more frustration with gambling. Maybe I’m doing this cause I don’t want to wait another 6 months for V!Lif, but there’s no guarantee I get him them.

I know I’m not some Gamepress celebrity everyone knows and most will probably not notice I’m going to disappear, but I wanted to feel some closure after having deleted the game and other precious stuff that kept me playing the game two weeks ago. I’ve deleted all the LHB/MHB replays that I would watch often, and if I ever come back, I’m just deleting all my +10 units. I don’t want a reason to come back to this game. It hasn’t harmed me, but I feel it just isn’t doing me any good.

I’ve been rambling, but I’m very happy I found this community who shares the same interests as I do, and I hope you can all have fun with this game, but I’ve got to get out of gacha hell and move on with my life.

Thank you, and goodbye.


Well, i can’t say we’ve had many interactions with each other, but it’s sad to see you go. Quite frankly, i understand all your reasons and can only wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Stay safe out there and all that stuff.


Also I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for the occasional spotting of you in a certain fehtuber’s comment section :eyes:


Oh another one goes…
Still keep going strong with your life, I hope you get better


Goodbye D.I.S.C.O I remember when I joined and you were one of the first users that greeted me, also helped me with Cormag and Heath builds back when I didnt knew how to build units properly, I still cant build them but I have improved.

I will miss you, but you are making the right choice, I have been thinking of doing the same but I never got enough determination to fully sent everyone into permanent vacations.

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Good luck DISCO!
I hope you find a healthier hobby soon. And most important… Don’t come back!!



Happy for you @D.I.S.C.O, good luck with everything!


You’re not rambling at all! You’re just explaining yourself and why you’re leaving. It’s all on topic and stuff. I hope it helps with your closure. I mean where else are you going to get your words and feelings out about this kind of stuff, you know? Other than a romantic partner. And I hope that aspect of your life goes well for you too.

I’m sorry if I don’t remember you too well, but I remember seeing your profile picture and possibly responding to some of my threads or posts, and if you did thank you!! :blush:

We will miss you. You were one of us, after all… A-list celebrity or not.


(farewell, and best wishes Disco)


OH! And try to pick up hiking and yoga if you haven’t already! The mental and physical health benefits are tremendously worth it!!! Take care~


May the Mental Gods be with you!