Last Pulls

Since I don’t find a Thread talking about New Year’s Banner and Winter banner, I’ll make one.

In the last month, I have spend around 200 orbs with 2 summons I sessions and some random pulls. I’ve been incredibly lucky so here are my results:

Feel free to upload your owns pulls. I hope y’all have been lucky this new year


I’ve spend over 600 orbs and not gotten a single duofonse. Instead I get 5 blue pitybreakers, 2 pitybreakers of other colors, 4 velourias, 3 lethes, a duony, an ny!Anna and a 4* kaden


Congrats on your great ones

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Got to 2nd spark on the xmas banner and only used tickets on the new year banner.

3 Bernies (2 foddered,3rd was turned into manual)
1 Altina (fodder or keeping for RB)
2 Lehrans (keep 1…maybe,manual other copy)
1 Og Velouria (merged)
Free Plumeria (foddered)

Nope. Probably never gonna pull again this year because, knowing IS, they won’t put Luthier in this year either.

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They’re not that hard to find. Just a maximum of 8 days without the last post from one of them :feh_birbpeek:

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