Latest +10, the princess of Thracia

After she showed up in HoF, I decided to act on my idea to merge Altena from a while back. A speed build using her super boon sounded good, so obviously I took the opportunity to load her up with some good stuff in HoF. And I gotta say I’m quite pleased with how she came out! She’s not only fairly fast, but quite tanky with how much she can debuff people’s atk/def. Truly one lady you don’t want to mess with!

Some of the results

When your 26 res can become an effective 42 in combat lol. And physical units? Forget about it, don’t even bother trying lol.

Although even she has her limits…


Congrats! I’m thinking about getting her with the soul as well since I got some pretty good skills on her now.

Ha, I like the womp womp against the the Fallgard :catsob:


Yeah, she ain’t getting a point of Wyvern Flight boost against F-Edie

Edie has more visible Def than her. Wyvern Flight in general is rough against most armored units because they typically have very high Def stats.

Impressive otherwise, though.


Yeah. High defense units are a problem for her because even if she has the speed for WF, she won’t have the defense. But I find it does help a lot against magic foes, which is good considering her low res. And physical foes that she does get the WF effect on? They’re in shambles lol.